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Alliance Francaise Vancouver celebrates 120 years in 2024! Part of the local network since 1904, we've evolved over the years, responding to the needs of the growing community of Metro Vancouver residents, increasingly focused on

In view of our growing community, Alliance Francaise Vancouver was faced with the need to open a new building capable of accommodating more members and offering a wide variety of educational, cultural and community activities and events. As we know much of you are impatiently waiting for the building to open very soon, let us give you an idea of the spaces you will be able to find there

Looking for activities to do with your kids during the holiday break? With our printable activity book, you can keep your children busy while supporting their French learning!  
Inside our interactive worksheet, you will find some manual DIY, fun crosswords puzzle and coloring, a French recipe and  more!  
These activities are perfect for children between 5 and 9 years old.

Our digital art exhibition V-Unframed, taking place at the Beaumont Studios from November 24-26th, 2023, offers a profound exploration of immersive artworks that push the boundaries of storytelling and empathy. Viewers can embark on a transformative journey through a selection of local and international immersive artworks that question and bring attention to crucial cultural and social issues. Learn more about some of them:

Learning a new language as an adult can be a rewarding and enriching experience.  French, known for its elegance and cultural significance, is a fantastic choice. Whether you're planning a trip, seeking career opportunities, or simply want to expand your horizons, here's a comprehensive guide on how to learn French as an adult. 

To help our students succeed in their DELF exams, we have created a series of articles that provide tips to think about and work on as part of the DELF A2 preparation for teenagers from Grade 8 to 12.

In this article, we will be sharing some books recommended for children and teens who have an advanced level of French, commonly known as French level B2. Some of these books can be suitable for children following French immersion programs in British Columbia. We will go through a list of books by age group, and that are also available in our French media library. 

As two of the world's most widely spoken languages, French and English share a lot of similarities in terms of vocabulary and grammar. However, there are also many instances where these languages can lead to confusion due to the concept of "false friends." False friends are words that look or sound similar in both languages but have different meanings. Just like some French expressions, false friends can cause confusion and miscommunication, particularly for language learners. When a word in one language is similar to a word in another language, it's easy to assume that they have the same meaning. However, this is not always the case. False friends are common between languages that have a shared history, such as French and English. French and English have been in contact for hundreds of years, and as a result, many words have entered each language from the other. Some of these words have changed meaning over time or developed different connotations, leading to the creation of false friends.In this article, we'll explore this phenomenon in more detail and provide five examples of false friends between French and English.

As pioneers of the first virtual reality platform in francophone associations, Espace V, in today's article we would like to talk about the benefits of using these type of technologies for art exploration and for learning languages, like French.

Virtual reality has opened up new avenues for us to explore and experience different worlds that would have otherwise been impossible. The use of this technology has extended to the arts and language learning, and it is an excellent tool to explore and learn about new cultures, especially for those interested in French culture.

Having previously discussed the best French series on Netflix, now it is time to share with you some of our recommendations of French films for teenagers. French cinema has a long history of producing some of the most thought-provoking and entertaining films in the world. From romantic comedies to thrillers and dramas, French cinema has something to offer for every age group. 

If you're a teenager and interested in watching some great French films, you've come to the right place. In this blog, we'll be discussing the top 5 French films that are perfect for teenagers.

Spring break is just around the corner and the kids will get to enjoy two weeks of free time, a perfect time for them to start getting familiar with a new language, like French!  

We have created a printable beginner French worksheet for children aged 8 to 10  with exercises for them  learn new French words and phrases in a fun way! In this basic French worksheet, they will learn how to present themselves to others, learn the name of colours and new words with a crossword puzzle. 

There are several aspects to learning a language, the first one is learning the proper base with the knowledge of language rules. The second is learning the context in which a language develops, meaning, the cultural notions proper to the place where it is spoken and that give way the origin of idiomatic expressions or slang. The latter is usually learned during interactions with language natives, through cultural events, or even by watching television or movies.  In today’s article we will share with you some French idiomatic expressions and their meaning so that next time you talk with a native, you can integrate it to your conversation.

In this article, we will be discussing books that are intended for intermediate levels of French, commonly known as French level A2 and level B1. We will go through a list of books by age group, and that are also available in our French media library. 

Now that the Christmas celebrations are over and the new year just started, many of us are considering resolutions to learn new skills and hobbies. If you're thinking about learning a new language, French is an excellent choice for a number of reasons.
In this article, we'll explore the practical and personal benefits of learning French, as well as the resources available in and around Vancouver to help you get started. By the end, you'll have a good understanding of why French should be your new year resolution.

We are just a few weeks away from the holiday season, which also means that it is time to replay all the classic Christmas movies that we love. In today’s blog we continue to share with you Christmas traditions in France and today will share with you some classic French Christmas movies that we like and that are ideal for this festive season. .

Every week, we welcome a group of people that are interested in presenting an official French language proficiency test for immigration purposes. As an official testing centre for TEF and TCF, we often get asked, what is the difference between the TEF and TCF?  

In this post we will be explaining that difference, and since we already spoke about the TEF, we will be covering the TCF in more detail. There are different types of TCF exams, depending on the immigration purposes; however, since we apply the TCF-Canada, we will be discussing the test for Canadian citizenship.

How much time does it take for me to be completely fluent in French? This is one of the questions that we are often asked when people decide to register for one of our French courses.  In today’s article we will go through the different levels so that you understand what is considered a fluent French speaker, as well as, the factors that can help you learn French fast.

Can you feel the cold? The weather has changed dramatically here in Vancouver and is heavily announcing the winter season and one of our favourite holidays, Christmas!  Previously, we had discussed the famous foods that are eaten for Christmas in France but today, we are going to share with you our top 10 French foods for the winter. We have selected a few of our favorite dishes from several francophone countries that will surely keep you warm this winter.  A word of caution, you might be hungry after reading!

Who doesn’t enjoy music? As Victor Hugo once said, “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” In previous articles, we have explored French movies and television series, today we will share with our list of French singers and other French bands from francophone countries, including, of course, Canadian French musicians.

It’s back to school time! Which means the beginning of a new school year. For some children, this can be challenging because they must switch from “vacation” mode to “school” mode. Some parents choose to have their children work on some academic exercises or, if they take French classes, the cahier des vacances, over the summer to avoid the summer slide. If you chose not to have your child review schoolwork during the vacations, we have created a French worksheet for Grade 1 children in French immersion to help them get back in school and refresh their French knowledge.

Learning a new language can be challenging. It is known that children are natural language learners: their lack of inhibition and adaptability makes it easier for them to pick up sounds and words.  
As parents, we want to ensure the most successful outcome for our children, so supporting them in school is one of our primary concerns, but how can we help our children when we don’t speak French?  
In today’s article, we will share a few ideas to help you support them in their learning journey, even if your knowledge of French is limited.   

To continue with our series of French series and tv show recommendations , we will be sharing a list of the best French teenage TV series that we have found on Netflix and YouTube so that teenagers can practice their listening skills and get familiar with conversations and words used between young people in France.

Summer time is a time to travel and to discover delicious cuisine. On today’s article we will be talking about famous foods in France for you to try out the next time you plan a visit to that country.  

As a bonus, we will share with you a short recipe at the end for you to be able to prepare one of these dishes at home and enjoy a traditional French dish.