French worksheets for grade 1


French worksheet for 1st grade

It’s back to school time! Which means the beginning of a new school year. For some children, this can be challenging because they must switch from “vacation” mode to “school” mode. Some parents choose to have their children work on some academic exercises or, if they take French classes, the cahier des vacancesover the summer to avoid the summer slide.  If you chose not to have your child review schoolwork during the vacations, we have created a French worksheet for Grade 1 children in French immersion to help them get back in school and refresh their French knowledge.

French first-grade activities  

Our French worksheet has been designed thinking about the level of French that has been acquired by kids entering grade 1.  It consists of vocabulary, revising plural and singular forms, and making the agreement of the adjective with the noun gender.

Download our printable French worksheet for grade 1 students in French immersion
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