Spring Break activities for Kids and Teens in Metro Vancouver


Spring Break activities for Kids and Teens in Metro Vancouver

This year, Spring Break runs  from March 18 to 28, and we've got plenty of exciting ideas to keep you and your kids busy! Here are a few indoor and outdoor activities for kids and teens!

Outdoor activities

Spring is the ideal season to embark on nature trails around Vancouver, as the landscape comes to life with vibrant colours and flourishing wildlife. The mild weather and blooming flora create an enchanting atmosphere for outdoor exploration. For families seeking kid-friendly trails, Vancouver offers a variety of options:

  1.        Stanley Park's Seawall provides a picturesque coastal trail with stunning views of the city skyline and opportunities to spot birds and marine life.
  2.        Pacific Spirit Regional Park boasts accessible trails through lush forests, allowing children to discover diverse plant species.
  3.        The Lighthouse Park Trail offers an easy hike leading to the iconic Point Atkinson Lighthouse, surrounded by captivating ocean views.

These trails not only offer a breath of fresh air and physical activity but also provide an immersive experience in the natural wonders of spring. During spring, Vancouver’s streets are blossoming, and the temperate climate creates an ideal setting for you to have a walk in the Parks and gardens with your family!

    Practice your French while reading our books!

    We’ve already got a selection of books for preschoolers, school aged children and pre-teens on this previous blog.  Here are some interesting books you can get to read if you’re a teenager :

    Young Teenagers

    • Lettres d’amour de 0 a 10, by Susie Morgenstern & Thomas Baas

    We recommend it for those who like light reading to help regain self-confidence.

    Synopsis: Ernest is 10 years old. His mother died the day he was born, and his father has disappeared. His life with his grandmother, named Précieuse, isn't very exciting: school, snacks, homework and soup. His only distraction is trying to decipher a mysterious letter his grandfather sent from the front during the war.

    • Timothée Pacap - tome 1 - Le Concours d'éloquence, Jennifer Richard & Rony Hotin

    Like the previous one, it is a graphic novel about shyness written by a French-American author of Guadeloupean origin.

    Synopsis: Timothée hates being noticed. Public speaking? His worst nightmare. He freezes, blushes and stutters. His class nicknames him "the stammerer". Yet he'd love to be able to recite Cyrano de Bergerac's entire tirade! One day, Timothée enters an eloquence contest. His friends and family are amazed! But Timothée no longer wants to erase his differences, he wants to ASSUME them.

    Older Teenagers

    • Le club des inadapté.e.s, by Cati Baur

    A comic-book detective story for thrill-seekers and adventure buffs!  Cati Baur explores Martin Page's little world with her eagle eye, her humour and the tenderness of her drawing. An album to recommend to those who think life is lame and that growing up is hard, but who believe in the superpowers of solidarity and friendship!

    Synopsis: Martin, Edwige, Erwan and Fred knew it would happen one day... and it was the kindest of them who got beaten up, without anyone knowing by whom or why. This injustice hurt them all, and their overflowing anger drove them to take action, in their own... inevitably peculiar way.

    • Angie !, by Marie-Aude & Lorris Murail

    A breathless, joyful and terrible contemporary detective comedy.

    Synopsis: Le Havre, its port, its docks and its traffic of all kinds. Is there a link between the cocaine discovered in a coffee merchant's container and the disappearance of a young dockworker with tattooed hands? Police Captain Augustin Maupetit is convinced. But how can he investigate when he's wheelchair-bound and confined to his apartment? The tough cop has to rely on his next-door neighbor, 12-year-old Angie Tourniquet while there's talk of a major lockdown in the country... How to conduct an investigation in Covid times?

    Watch the coolest movies and cartoons in French!

    Here too we’ve made a selection for you! For kids, we made a selection of our favourite French Cartoons that you can find by clicking here. If you are a teenager, find here our selection of French TV series. We also selected the best French films for teenagers on this article.

    Don’t miss our event for the Printemps de la francophonie : CINE KIDS | Mon chat et moi : la grande aventure de Rroû. A movie in French with English subtitles for the whole family, on  Saturday, March 23rd.

    Synopsis: Follow the journey of Clémence and her kitty, Rroû, as they leave Paris to spend the holidays in the countryside. While there, Rroû enjoys the wildlife and befriends Câline, a white kitten who prowls in the woods.

    You can also come to our library to check at all the movies and cartoons you can borrow here, there is something for everyone!

    Take French Classes!

    Would you like to improve your French considerably? Here are the solutions we offer:

    • Spring Break Camp: Intensive Beginner French Classes

     A week of special intensive French classes for beginners. Available for kids from 5 to 11 years old and teens to help them to get better marks in French! It's happening from Monday to Friday, 9am to 1:30pm. Click here for more information.

    • Spring Break Camp: DELF Junior Preparation Workshop

    A week of DELF Junior workshops open to children from 11 years old and older. They will work on typical DELF activities to master each component of the exam (speaking, writing, reading, listening). From Monday to Friday, 2 to 4pm or 4:30pm to 6:30pm. Choose the package that includes a special rate of 10% OFF on the workshop and a priority registration to the following session of DELF JUNIOR exam. We cover all levels from A1 to B2. Click here to see the complete schedule of our current Spring Break French classes and book a course!

    We hope that you've discovered an activity that resonates with your interests and preferences. Whether it is exploring nature trails, reading a good novel in a Park, or simply enjoying the vibrant cherry blossoms and cool weather, we hope this season brings you joy, relaxation, and memorable moments. May your spring break be filled with the delights of the outdoors and the rejuvenating spirit of the season.

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