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I signed up for a class at level A1.3 at L' Alliance Francaise after self-studying for a while. It was hard at first because I did not expect that class would be 100% in French. I was almost give up after the first 2 classes. I'm glad I didn't. If you feel the same, please keep going because after 2 classes, your brain will pick up the language and get used to it. My teacher, Nathalie, is great. She makes learning fun and engaging which is difficult to do for an evening online course. I also find the structure of the textbook is great. The amount of grammar and vocabulary per lesson is reasonable.
I would highly recommend L'Alliance Francais to everyone who wants to learn French either as a hobby or for a job.
Ann Le, student
Alliance Française is a great language institute for improving your French. I think the price is also so worth it. The people at Alliance Française are always nice and it's always a pleasure to talk to them and to learn from them. They also offer online lessons which work much better for me since my schedule is all over the place. Their in-person lessons are also just as good (I have tried both). I highly recommened Alliance Francaise.
Parnian, student
I love the Alliance Francaise classes - they are structured, yet informal enough to feel very comfortable. The instructors are fabulous, and great attention is given to ensure you are enrolled in the correct level. In particular I love the workshops which are a great way to get a condensed version of a grammar point or subject in two, two-hour sessions. Money well spent.
Holly, student

Why Learn French with Alliance Française Vancouver?

Alliance Française de Vancouver has expertise in teaching French since 1904 in Vancouver

You will benefit from lessons which focus our communication and action-based skills, based on the Common European Framework for Languages, a standard reference adopted by hundreds of educational systems worldwide.

You will have access to experienced, qualified and French-speaking instructors.

You will benefit from our classes to advance in your career or in the government, in Canada and abroad. If you have a child, our French training starts at an early age (5 years old) to prepare his/her future (admission to a French immersion program, obtain French external credits in high-school, facilitate admission in the best universities, access to higher-paying job in the government).

You will learn in a Francophone environment with a 100% French immersive learner experience inside the classroom, with services in French at the front desk (or English, or Mandarin), and with our French multimedia library.

Standard courses are from only $14.90/hour and eligible tuition fees are tax-deductible.

You will have access to the largest selection of levels and schedule. We offer more than 500 different French classes each year.

Being a student or a member of the Alliance Française de Vancouver, you will access to a large range of language and cultural activities allowing you to practice your French, to diversify your knowledge and to discover Francophone culture at your own pace.