At Alliance Française Vancouver, we are proud of our team

Our French Language Teachers

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Our Administrative Team

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Our Fantastic Team of French Language Teachers

Our experienced teachers are native French speakers and have special credentials for teaching French as a foreign language (FSL Master degree from a French University). Their professionalism and dedication are essential to our success and to yours. They will guide you along a well-defined learning pathway, monitoring your progress both inside the classroom and through homework.

We regularly invite  French instructors from around the world who completed their school years in French and gained a FLS Master degree from a French University to join our permanent team of teachers.

Amina Cheraiet
Claudia Bilodeau
Coralie Ruffaut
Domitille Fave
Eugénie Rasamoel
 Emilie Jousset
Emilie Lequatre
Fairouz Khoulani
Gabrielle Denault
Ghislain Liambou
Hamideh Movassat
Justine Grand-Perrin
Léonie Leroy
Laura Hou
Lou Gautier
Matthis Capron
Marie-Daphné Laguerre
Marie-Eugénie Tinguy
 Margot Poracchia
Mélissa Reigner
Mathieu Lopez
Nathalie Lordan Versaille
Noémie Guillemant
Océane Caby
 Phœbé Dupont
Perrine Roine
Pauline Delemer
Rayan Al Chami
Sandra Lee
Suzanne Seblani
Simone Ralala Harima Nitra
Virginie Schmitt
Yann Desbiolles
Zélie Eve
Zoé Wei Wang

Our Great Administrative Team

AFV is  grateful to work with a great team of administrative staff and interns who contribute to the ongoing success of the organisation.

Chloé Scarvelis Office and Accounting Manager
Damien Hubert Executive Director
Valentin Morin Education Manager
Fanny Surzur Culture and Library Manager
Felix Raminhos Maintenance Agent
Marion Segura Development and Fundraising Manager
Marion Bonneau Marketing and Communications Manager
Maëli Juhel-Ducloyer Social Media and Communications Coordinator
Christina Hetan Receptionist Agent
Valentina Alvarez Receptionist Agent
Louise Mabille Rental Coordinator and Cultural & Library Assistant
Maude Poirier Administrative assistant

Louise Veyssière Receptionist Agent
Ariane Gaboury Receptionist Agent

Our Wonderful Interns

Théo Brochet Cultural & Library Assistant
Marie-Lou Viry Cultural & Library Assistant
Fleurine Laforge Marketing & Communications Assistant
Joséphine Pierson Cultural & Library Assistant
Kimberley Charleville Intern French Foreign Language