French Workshops


Review & consolidate your French

Alliance Française de Vancouver offers French workshops to review and consolidate specific topics like grammar, conversation, phonetic, vocabulary, etc.

Schedule & Pricing

Price: $15.55/hour only ($62.20 per workshop)

Duration: 2 lessons of 2 hours (4 hours total)

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Oral expression Workshop - "Shop & Dine in France" vocabulary and expressions

Discover useful vocabulary and expressions to shop and dine in France.
Level: A1+ / A2 
December 9 + 16, 2022

French Grammar Workshop - Practice the use of past tenses

Learn the differences and uses of the past tenses (passe compose and imparfait) in our practical workshop.
Level: A2
December 2 + 9, 2022

Oral expression Workshop - Talk about culture (cinema, shows) 

Discover useful vocabulary and expressions to express yourself and talk about culture, cinema, shows, etc.
Level: A2
November 18 + 25, 2022

Phonological Workshop - Pronunciation and phonological correction

Improve your pronunciation, rythm, and intonation to communicate better in French.
Level: A2
November 25 + December 2, 2022

Oral Expression Workshop - Speak with confidence and express your opinion

Practice speaking in French and get your point through in a conversation by expressing your opinion with confidence.
Level: B1
November 25 + December 2, 2022

Oral practice Workshop - theatre reading

Practice you pronunciation and get your emotions across when speaking French through theatre reading. 
Level: B1      
December 2 + 9, 2022

French Grammar Workshop - Subjunctive

Express your wishes, suggestions or desires by using the correct grammatical tense in French: subjunctive.
Level: B1

December 2 + 9, 2022

Oral expression Workshop - Argue and debate

Win any debate in French by preparing and delivering your arguments with clarity and confidence.
Level: B2
December 2 + 9, 2022

Alliance Française uses Zoom videoconferencing program for its online classes. A minimum of 5 students is required to open the workshop. Regular conditions apply.