10 things you need to know about French


Ten things you might not know about the French language

In our previous post, we discussed the benefits of learning French, but there are other aspects of the French language that make it an interesting tongue to acquire. In today´s article we will tell you about the 10 things that you might not know about the French language.  

Official language of several countries

Did you know that the French language is the official language of 29 countries? This includes not just Canada, but also places like France, Haiti, and even parts of Africa and Asia. French is also one of the United Nations' six official languages, which means it's used for official documents and diplomatic communications.

French loves punctuation

The French language is famous for its love of punctuation, especially the use of the semi-colon (;) and the ellipsis (...). French literature is famous for its use of these punctuation marks. If you ever come across a sentence in French that has multiple semi-colons, don't be surprised!

    Not all French words can be translated

    The French language has many words that don't have an English translation, such as "flâner" which means to stroll around aimlessly.

    French pronunciation is complex

    French is known for its pronunciation, but did you know that the letter "e" is silent in more than half of all French words? We know that pronunciation is very difficult for many new French language learners, the nuances of the sounds can easily be learned in French classes.

    French has many false friends

    French is also known for its "faux amis" or "false friends", words that look similar in French and English but have very different meanings. For example, "actuellement" does not mean "actually", but "currently"

    French is similar to Spanish and Italian

    French is one of the Romance languages, which means it's descended from Latin. This is why many French words look and sound similar to words in other Romance languages like Spanish and Italian.

    It has a letter that is constantly used

    French is also known for its love of the letter "e". The letter "e" is the most common letter in the French language, appearing in over 40% of all words.

    It has verbs that can be conjugated differently

    French is also known for its grammar, particularly its verb conjugations. But did you know that the verb "être" (to be) has more conjugations than any other verb in the French language?

    The words for some objects are not straight-forward

    French is known for its love of fashion, but did you know that the word "soutien-gorge" literally means "throat supporter"? Next time you shop for lingerie in France, you'll know what you're looking for!

    French has many ways to describe food

    French language is also known for its love of food and wine. The French have many words and phrases to describe different types of food and drink, including "un apéritif" (a pre-dinner drink and snacks), "une entrée" (an appetizer), "un plat de résistance" (a main course), and "un digestif" (a drink to aid digestion).

    In conclusion, French language is not just about learning grammar and vocabulary, but also its culture, history, food and wine. It’s a rich and beautiful language with a lot of quirks and fun facts.

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