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French, universally spoken, truly Canadian

The French language is a wonderful asset in today's world, and even more so in Canada. Its status of Official language gives it special importance.

Alliance Française provides corporate programs for Canadian and French corporations, Government agencies, French teachers in public schools looking to deepen their knowledge of the language, and other internationally oriented organizations in Vancouver.

In addition to our native French teachers, our business clients enjoy free access to our resource centre, supplied with over 11,000 books, magazines, DVDs and CDs. This allows students to complement their studies with current information on all aspects of Francophone life, culture, and business.

French training for Federal Public Servants

As a federal employee, you need to reach either A, B, or C level in French in order to progress in your career. Whether you are looking to obtain, maintain or renew your French language requirements, the Alliance Française de Vancouver will tailor the training to your learning style and needs.

No more wasted time, effort, and money

Our highly experienced teachers will accurately estimate the time required before you can reach your desired level. With our high-quality, communicative approach to learning French, we are confident that you will save yourself and your department time, effort, and money.

For further information or to request a detailed proposal, please contact our team here.

Why choose the Alliance Française?

The Alliance Française de Vancouver is accredited as a French language training centre by the Canadian federal government

Our teachers have extensive experience in preparing federal public service employees for the French as Second Language Examination

The training you receive is based on the contents required by the Public Service School

The Alliance Française de Vancouver is a Canadian cultural and educational non-profit, actively promoting interest in the French language and culture since 1904.

Corporate courses

Do your employees or executives need to learn French?
Do you need them to quickly improve their conversational skills, increase their vocabulary, and gain confidence in their ability to speak French?
Do you want to ensure your training dollars for French classes are spent most efficiently?

The Alliance Française: your trusted partner for French learning

Maximum flexibility: we offer both individual and group instruction, with flexible course hours.

online or in your premises, to better accommodate your busy schedule.

Custom-tailored courses:
here is no “one size fits all” program. From beginner lessons to advanced conversation, we will design a curriculum specific to your industry and to your needs.

For further information or to request a detailed proposal, please contact our team here.

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