Favorite French singers and bands


Our favourite French music singers and bands

Who doesn’t enjoy music? As Victor Hugo once said, “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” In previous articles, we have explored French movies and television series, today we will share with our list of French singers and other French bands from francophone countries, including, of course, Canadian French musicians.

French singers

Over the past few years, we have been organizing a series of French music concerts with French singers. Some of the following French music singers come from different francophone countries.

Ariane Roy

This French-Canadian musician brings was named Radio-Canada’s revelation for 2021-2022 and she was also the winner of the Slaight Music Emerging Songwriter Award 2021.  Ariane Roy is a young singer-songwriter from Quebec City. She plays with uninhibited alternative pop melodies, carried by the richness of her lyrics and a voice of astonishing maturity. Her first song Adele was released in the year 2019 and since then, she has received numerous awards.  Her first album “medium plaisir” was released in February 2022.


Directly from Bordeaux, France, Gatha is a holistic artist. She is a singer, cellist, songwriter, and producer. Her lyrics deal with very contemporary themes, such as social emancipation, the relationship to productivity, time, space, and money. Her music is influenced by her eclectic taste with artists such as Sia, Mia, Alicia Keys, hip-hop of the 90s, which she integrates seamlessly with her cello. She is currently working on a new project names
« Indomptable »

Lasso Sanou

Lasso Sanou is a Burkinabe musician who plays music with the traditional instruments of his country (balafon, tamani, and the djembe, and the kambélé n’goni).  In 2004, he discovered the flûte peule and developed a real passion for this instrument. He quickly became one of the most talented flutists in the country. After playing for several years in Burkina Faso, Lasso arrived in Quebec in 2009, where he has become a mainstay of the music scene.

Photo credit: Ben Fourmi

French music bands

Some of the French music bands we also recommend come from Switzerland and France-Italy.

Les Fils du Facteur

This Swiss band combines tradition and futurism and brings a new air to French songs, which they infuse with a good dose of charisma. Les Fils du Facteur is eclectic and sincere, their Chanson Française mais Suisse has already found a growing audience in France, Belgium and Canada. Richer and more ambitious than its predecessors, the new album: "Jusqu'ici ça va" ventures towards even more cosmopolitan inspirations (pop, electro, funk, bossa nova), juggling with realism and carefreeness, a sweet mixture of energy and melancholy. Undeniably a conductor of energy on stage, the group skillfully strings together a repertory of infectious melodies, while the vocal interpretation radiates sincerity in the style of the great singers. Combining complicity and humour with the depth of their compositions, Les Fils du Facteur's concerts evoke and arouse curiosity, laughter and excitement, offering an explosive experience every evening.

Trio Lorenzo Naccarato

Founded in 2012 at Franco-Italian pianist Lorenzo Naccarato’s initiative, the trio presents a cinematic music inspired from the impressionist and minimalist repertoire (Maurice Ravel, Claude Debussy, Erik Satie), from current jazz (Robert Glasper, Christian Scott) and from repetitive music (Philip Glass, Steve Reich)

From springboards to festivals, it received an increasingly enthusiastic welcome from the public and the media (Jazz Magazine, FIP, UKVibe, Observador Portugal, Times of India, etc.) In addition, as requested by Radici, the Franco- Italian Trio Lorenzo Naccarato wrote the orchestrations of a show on the Italian cinema, "The Untouchables."                                 

At the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, the trio sets on their first international tour (India, China, and Ecuador), then released a second album in September 2018.

Do not miss their amazing live jazz concert here in Vancouver on October 27, 2022!

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