Our Stories


Our Stories

For more than 100 years now, Alliance Française Vancouver has been a welcoming community touching the lives of thousands of individuals. We are pleased to share some of these stories below.

If you have a story to share, please contact Sandrine DETROYAT, our Marketing & C ommunication Manager.

Richard, volunteer board member & proud student

Richard returned home to Canada last year after a long career in Hong Kong. Fascinated by la Côte d'Azur at age 12, he has sought to maintain a connection to the language and culture ever since. He formerly studied French in Hong Kong, where one night he dreamt in French for the first time. Richard is inspired by his current experience at l'Alliance Francaise Vancouver - a place where culture and language powerfully come together in support of learning and discovery. He says: "Volunteering as a board member is my way to inspire other students at Alliance Francaise Vancouver to pursue their own linguistic dreams."

Céline, Yannick, Vadim et Milo

Céline, Yannick and their family have called Vancouver home for many years now and are regulars at events and at the media library. Most recently, they attended RectoVRso, a virtual and augmented reality art exhibition. In their words: "Superb exhibition, one that we have not seen for a long time. The organising team really pulled it together. Our two kids aged 9 and 5 were in wonder in front of so much creativity, beauty, originality and poetry. We will look forward to attending similar exhibitions in the future".

Émilie, volunteer at the library

Émilie, originally from northern France, takes advantage of her year abroad to volunteer in several associations in Vancouver. We are fortunate to welcome her to the media library every week and to benefit from her expertise and her invaluable help. She loves to volunteer. To her, "There is no greater reward than helping people in need and seeing the difference you are able to make in their lives".

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