French Programs for Schools


French programs for schools in BC 

The Alliance Française Vancouver offers schools in British Columbia a selection of shows and activities for children and teenagers. Have your students practice the French language with thematic workshops and activities.


A show to learn how to deal with family changes through object theater.

Alliance Française Vancouver invites you to discover the story of Clémentine, in object theater, to experience a poetic moment and to ask philosophical questions. This 45min play will be followed by a discussion with French artist Anais Pellin.
On the road to vacations, Clémentine learns that her father and mother no longer love each other. The word "divorce" scratches her ears. Secretly, she promises herself to do everything to prevent them from separating. But can a child decide the history of her parents? Seasons pass and time does its work. From one house to another, alongside her bubbly and affectionate little sister, Clementine tames her anger and sadness. 

A show by the Kleine Cie

From the first grade

Tuesday February 14th  | 2 school shows: 10 am & 1 pm

In person @The Nest (Granville Island)

1 hour

La Chevalière errante

A puppet show about the initiatory journey of a little girl in search of an inclusive society.

La chevalière errante is a story of a  little girl who travels the world in search of a place where she will be accepted. She is alone in the world and her only possession is her great book of knowledge. Chased away  from all places because she is foreign and different, she is very discouraged when she meets an old man who tirelessly plants trees to replace those that an insatiable dragon keeps swallowing. He tells her about an ideal place on the other side of the mountains, where people from all over the world live in harmony. But to get there, she must cross the mountain and face the ferocious dragon. Will she be able to overcome it? Will she arrive to the ideal village? 

A text by Michèle Smolkin, staged by Kris Fleerackers

From the first grade

All year round

In person

30 min show + 30 min discussion with the artists 

La Forêt ébourrifée

A choreographic and poetic show about self-acceptance.

Racine is a little boy like no other, whose forest has grown on his head and no one has noticed. Fleeing from his worrying grandmother and his mocking friends, he runs to take refuge there. It is then the beginning of a frantic race, causing an extraordinary series of metamorphoses. Helped in his adventures by his faithful friend Meï, he will gradually grow up and learn to overcome his fears to overcome his fears in order to better meet himself and others. A place of retreat and abandonment, of danger and wonder, the forest has nourished the imagination since the dawn of time. It becomes for Racine an ambivalent place that he will have to discover and tame in order to better grow and know himself. 

A show directed and choreographed by Christian and François Ben Aïm

From the first grade

June 2023

In person

1 hour

La grande histoire du dessin sans fin 

An ecological comic book fresco.

It all starts in the spring of 2017 with a crazy idea from the young illustrator Elly Oldman: stuck in bed following an accident, she launches into the realization on Instagram of a drawing... without end! 200 publications, 15 meters of drawing and 18 000 followers later, she imagines with the association Electroni[k] an interactive, giant and evolving fresco. This graphic jungle, composed of hundreds of elements, invites the spectator to a contemplative exploration, on a background of ecological and environmental considerations. By turns, children can explore the issue of boredom and creativity!

A project by Elly Oldman presented as part of the Machine à Bulles exhibition

1 workshop 5-7 years | 1 workshop 8-12 ans

All year round

In person or online 

1 hour 30

Manger vers le futur

Thinking about the food of tomorrow through Instagram comics.

Through the annual dinners of 4 friends, Manger vers le futur  analyzes the current changes in our eating habits and anticipates those of tomorrow. The digital comic book, very easy to read, is doubled with educational files allowing to learn further about the different alternatives mentioned. The work, which invites reflection on ecology and our consumption habits, resonates with the current environmental situation. The workshop-debate will allow students to question their own food consumption habits and to understand  their impact on the environment.

A project by Chaire ANCA presented as part of the Machine à Bulles exhibition

For students in grades 10 to 12

All year round

In person or online

1 hour 20

Le portrait d'Esther

An innovative comic book about the spoliation of Jewish property during the Second World War.

Le portrait d'Esther is a digital comic book series that plunges the reader into a family secret: the missing portrait of the young Esther, painted in the 1930s. Seventy years later, Iris, 15 years old, discovers the existence of this painting of her grandmother and tries to reconstruct the history of her family.
Through 3 generations of women and the journey of a painting, the comic explores the issues of the Nazi plundering of Jewish property during the Second World War, the Resistance and the place in Art. The students will reflect on these themes by putting themselves in the situation and then sharing their thoughts with the rest of the class.

A project by Romain Bonnin, Pierre Jeanneau and Emmanuel Rouillier, presented as part of the Machine à Bulles exhibition

For students in grades 7 to 9

All year round

In person or online

1 hour 20

Screening of francophones movies

AFV can propose a selection of movies and short movies on various themes.

Available movies :

  • Funan by Denis Do (Themes : Asia, Conflicts, Women's Rights, War)
  • Bonjour le monde by Anne-Lise Koelher and Eric Serre (Themes: Animals, Biodiversity, Sustainable development, Water, Ecology, Education, Sea, Nature)
  • Mystère by Denis Imbert (Themes : Children, Animals, Ecology)
  • Il était une forêt by Luc Jacquet (Themes : Botany, Ecology, Sustainable development, Nature)
  • Selections of short animated movies

These movies can be accompanied by educational activities. 

All ages depending on the movie

All year round

In person

Depending on the movie

Are you interested in our selection of shows and animations?

School administrators and teachers are invited to contact Fanny SURZUR, our Library and Culture Manager to learn more.
If you are a parent or a student, please share this information with your school! 

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