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Our bursary programs are specifically designed to support and provide assistance to families who are experiencing genuine financial need and are seeking educational opportunities, ensuring that they have access to the resources they need to achieve their academic goals.  

As a local non-profit organization with deep roots in our community, Alliance Française Vancouver is proud to support young students who need help in their French language learning journey. Alliance Française Vancouver has a long tradition of supporting students in need with its first bursary given out as early as the 1920s. The Alliance Française Vancouver Bursary Program was re-established in 2014.  

"Setting up this program at Alliance Française Vancouver was important to me. I believe in the power of education to transform lives. The potential of our youth is tremendous. They should not be deprived of accessing a quality program because of financial need. This bursary is our way to encourage all those who want to pursue their French language education and promote bilingualism in BC." – Damien Hubert, Executive Director, Alliance Française Vancouver

About the bursary

The Alliance Française Vancouver Bursary is open to well-rounded students who demonstrate good character, promise of leadership and strong commitment to service in the community. Up to 20 awards are available each year for eligible candidates. Awards range in value and can go up to CAD $4,000. It includes access to one year of French language classes at Alliance Française Vancouver, mentorship, summer programs as well as free access to our Media library and resources centre.

This bursary is only open to new incoming students at Alliance Française Vancouver. Current Alliance Française Vancouver students are not eligible.

Eligibility criterias

  • You are between 11 and 17 years old
  • You are enrolled in a public school in Vancouver or Metro Vancouver
  • You have a strong interest in learning the French language but require additional help in your learning journey
  • You must have a demonstrated financial need. You may be asked to provide supporting documents.
  • You are driven and committed to finishing the program
  • Values such as integrity, honesty and diversity are important to you.

How to apply

Send a complete application form to Damien HUBERT, Executive Director.
We hope to see you soon at Alliance Française Vancouver.

  Bursary Application Form   Bursary Application Form


Fall 2022 Application available on demand through your school.
July 1st, 2023 Deadline for all sponsored applications to be submitted.
Week of July 3, 2023 Sponsored students selected for interviews will be notified.
Week of July 10, 2023 Winner students will be notified.


Why learn with Alliance Française Vancouver?

I signed up for a class at level A1.3 at L' Alliance Francaise after self-studying for a while. It was hard at first because I did not expect that class would be 100% in French. I was almost give up after the first 2 classes. I'm glad I didn't. If you feel the same, please keep going because after 2 classes, your brain will pick up the language and get used to it. My teacher, Nathalie, is great. She makes learning fun and engaging which is difficult to do for an evening online course. I also find the structure of the textbook is great. The amount of grammar and vocabulary per lesson is reasonable.
I would highly recommend L'Alliance Francais to everyone who wants to learn French either as a hobby or for a job.
Ann Le, student
Alliance Française is a great language institute for improving your French. I think the price is also so worth it. The people at Alliance Française are always nice and it's always a pleasure to talk to them and to learn from them. They also offer online lessons which work much better for me since my schedule is all over the place. Their in-person lessons are also just as good (I have tried both). I highly recommened Alliance Francaise.
Parnian, student
I love the Alliance Francaise classes - they are structured, yet informal enough to feel very comfortable. The instructors are fabulous, and great attention is given to ensure you are enrolled in the correct level. In particular I love the workshops which are a great way to get a condensed version of a grammar point or subject in two, two-hour sessions. Money well spent.
Holly, student
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