French Beginner Worksheet for children


Beginner French worksheets for children

Spring break is just around the corner and the kids will get to enjoy two weeks of free time, a perfect time for them to start getting familiar with a new language, like French!  

We have created a printable beginner French worksheet for children aged 8 to 10  with exercises for them  learn new French words and phrases in a fun way! In this basic French worksheet, they will learn how to present themselves to others, learn the name of colours and new words with a crossword puzzle. 

These printable French exercises area ideal for children trying to learn French and in grades 3 to 5 at school.

French workbook for kids

Did you know? In France, it is common for children to work on their French during their vacations with a  “cahier de vacances”.

Download Alliance Francaise Vancouver’s cahier de vacances and entertain your children this Spring Break with fun exercises in French! 
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If you are looking for other French activities for kids to practice their French listening or reading, we have created a list of useful resources in our French activities for kids page.

If you want children to learn French in a short and faster way, you can enroll them in our Spring Break camps for complete beginners! After their camp they will be able to register in the following level during our Spring Session. 

French classes during the Spring Break? Discover our offer for March and register today

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