Discover The Different Spaces In Our Future Building


Discover The Different Spaces In Our Future Building

In view of our growing community, Alliance Francaise Vancouver was faced with the need to open a new building capable of accommodating more members and offering a wide variety of educational, cultural and community events. As we know much of you are impatiently waiting for the building to open very soon, let us give you an idea of the spaces you will be able to find there, whether you are a member, an artist, a partner or a new visitor, we are happy to give you the opportunity to come here to evolve in a French-speaking environment! Located in the dynamic Oakridge neighborood between two Skytrain stations at 6161 Cambie Street, our new eco-friendly and modern building  will be the heart of the francophone and franophile community in Vancouver. Learn more about the unique facilities our building promise to its members and visitors: 

1. Theater 

With a capacity of 165 spectators, our professional theater aims to host a variety of performances: dance, music, theater and conferences will take place in this dynamic space. Our goal is to fill a gap in the Metro Vancouver cultural scene, and to play a vital role in creating an atmosphere where cultural richness and artistic expressions thrive. Created with the artists and the public in mind, the theater is set up to facilitate interactions to provide the best cultural experience possible.  

2. Art Gallery 

To continue with our creative and artistic spaces, the Art Gallery will showcase the work of both local and international artists. This space will be a canvas for creativity, a place where visual narratives unfold, bridging diverse artistic perspectives and connecting the community through the language of art. We can’t wait to share with you our first exhibition! 

3. Demonstration Kitchen 

One of Alliance Francaise Vancouver 's mission is to promote the wonderful cultures of the francophone countries. For this reason, our fully equipped kitchen will allow us to offer you culinary encounters and events that will delight your eyes and taste buds! This space promises to be a hub for gastronomic exploration, bringing the flavors of cuisine from French-speaking countries to life and creating a shared experience for gastronomy enthusiasts.  

Exciting news! Our members will be able to extend their membership by joining the FoodieCLUB, a new exclusive project with a wide range of events such as wine tasting, exclusive chef dinners, culinary demonstration and food conferences. Stay tuned for updates!

4. Library 

Housing the largest Francophone library in British Columbia, our mediatheque will grant access to thousands of books and medias in French for you to practice your language skills, regardless of your age and level: find and borrow our illustrative books, novels, comics, manga, textbooks, bilingual books but also medias such as movies, audiobooks and cartoons. We will continue to regularly update you with new books and medias; whether you like reading about sciences, romance or animes, there is something for everyone! Our upcoming library promises a serene workspace enhanced by spacious windows, inviting you to practice French and participating in our literary and artistic events in a pleasant space. 

5. Classrooms 

Our students and specialised teachers will be given a favorable environment for learning French in the best comfort and productivity. With its 14 classrooms, each equipped with the latest educational technologies, Alliance Francaise Vancouver aspire to be an incubator of knowledge and exploration of the French language and culture. We ensure that each of our French-speaking instructors are among the most qualified in order to help you achieve excellence in your language learning journey. Our lessons  focus on communication and action-based skills, based on the Common European Framework for Languages, a standard reference adopted by hundreds of educational systems worldwide. Check our classes by clicking here.

6. Rooftop Terrace 

On the first floor you will find our cozy rooftop terrace, meant for you enjoy the serene ambiance of the green surroundings that contribute to the eco-friendly ethos of the building. This space is made for relaxation and conviviality with a breathtaking view of the city. Enjoy this space to take a break in between your classes and breath the fresh air for a minute! 

7. Restaurant 

Alongside our building, you'll find a cafe-restaurant open to all. Grab a bite to eat during your break, while your child attends a French class or one of our events! It will be a friendly place where you can enjoy home-cooked food in a welcoming atmosphere. 

8. Artist Studios

We have the pleasure to offer 250-square-meter of artist studios to francophone and local artists. This space will be a place for creative expression, acting as a melting pot of ideas, encouraging collaboration and artistic innovations.  

Stay tuned and follow us on our social medias to follow the evolution of our upcoming new building! Alliance Francaise Vancouver tend to gather a huge community of Francophile to share and discover together the culture of French-Speaking countries. We can’t wait to share all these spaces with you and start this new era. More programs, cultural activities and events to come!

Follow the evolution of our building month by month by clicking here.