French Christmas Movies


French Christmas Movies

We are just a few weeks away from the holiday season, which also means that it is time to replay all the classic Christmas movies that we love. In today’s blog we continue to share with you Christmas traditions in France and today will share with you some classic French Christmas movies that we like and that are ideal for this festive season. .

French Christmas Movies for Adults

Joyeux Noël 

The story of this movie takes place on the eve of Christmas in 1914, during the first world war. A major event happens that completely transforms the life of the French, German, and English soldiers involved

Père Noël est une ordure

If you grew up in France, then you know that every local channel with play Le Pere Noel est une ordure, at least once.  This movie is an atypical holiday story, for starters, the title translates to Santa Clause is garbage. It is a comedy film that takes place in Paris and involves a series of catastrophic events that impact the emergency mental health responders during Christmas Eve. It’s an interesting to see to try to understand French humour!

Le Père Noël est une ordure

Père Noël 

Antoine, a six-year-old child dreams of riding Santa’s Christmas sleigh; however, on the night of Christmas Eve, it is a different type of visitor that lands on his Parisian balcony, a thief in disguise. That night, both will form an alliance and go out into the night, each one with a particular objective in mind.

La bûche

This movie is a mix of drama and comedy. The story revolves around the life of a divorcee and widow who tries to reconcile with the daughters of her first marriage during Christmas.
This film was awarded a Cesar for best supporting actress to Charlotte Gainsbourg and a Lumieres award for best screenplay. A must on your holiday movie list!

Santa & Cie.

In this Christmas movie from France, an unexpected and troubling issue arises right before Christmas, Santa’s elves have all fallen sick! Now Santa must look for ways to find the cure in Earth. Another comedy movie with a touch of French humour.

French Christmas Films for Children

Our series of Christmas films for kids include a selection of beautifully animated cartoons from France, Belgium, and Canada.

L’Apprenti Père Noël et le flocon magique

Santa Claus has a successor, a boy named Nicolas. During his first time working on Christmas, he realizes that the magic of Christmas is fading away because of an illness he caught: the illness of children who wish to grow up fast! The former Santa Clauses decides to take away his title, but Nicolas is determined to find a solution and keep being Santa Claus.  This film intends to make children think about enjoying the moment, living their childhood fully, to be responsible and to keep curious.

Nicolas Noël - Mon histoire magique

During this French Christmas film, children will be taken on a trip with Saint Nicholas or Santa Nicholas and his favourite elf, Gresille, where they will get to know Santa’s most precious secrets.

Le père Noel et le magicien

In the film Santa and the magician, the animals at the top of the mountain town are excited about Christmas. Everyone except the magician bear, who is very jealous of Santa Claus. Given his envy, he decides to destroy the man with the white beard. He then decides to give him a sleeping potion that will ruin Christmas. Will the bear succeed? Watch the film and fin out!


This French Christmas cartoon for small kids explores the magical universe of Spike and the elves. There are two sequences of this film, so if your child enjoys the first movie, they will enjoy the second one as well!

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