Alexandre Col


Alexandre Col

Former cultural and educational cooperation attaché

Working hand in hand with the Alliance française de Vancouver teams for 2 years (and despite the Covid period) has been a real pleasure and source of great professional satisfaction.

Together we have been able to carry out ambitious projects in the field of cultural and creative industries, with the art & VR exhibitions Recto Verso and V Unframed, and the creation of the Espace V metarvers platform, the first of its kind in the entire French network in the world! We also commissioned a mapping of creative immersive reality studios in Canada and produced 2 bilingual serious games to promote the development of skills in the cultural sector. Not to mention high-level professional conferences (including those to come with the Knowledge Immersive Forum in October 2022) and the organization of the Night of Ideas, now fully established in Vancouver. I believe that these few examples show the capacity for innovation that AFV has, in addition to and in coherence with its missions of education, language center of excellence and link with the communities. It is also a dynamic force for the entire network of Western Alliances, based in Victoria, Calgary and Edmonton, and more broadly in Canada, thanks to solid and ambitious collaborations.

The AFV is thus helping to enhance the image of the Alliances françaises, and - with the new "flagship" building planned for 2023 - will be able to raise the stakes even higher in terms of the discoverability and influence of France, always by promoting structuring local partnerships.

I look forward to following this closely in the future and hope that this model of innovation and professional rigor that the AFV teams are carrying will be recognized at its true value and will be emulated in the future! See you soon, friends!

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