Dans Les Yeux Des Femmes


Tuesday, February 10 - 6:30pm
Auditorium Georges Brassens

To celebrate Black History Month , Alliance Française with Réseau Femmes CB and Visions Ouest Production is proud to invite you to "In Women's Eyes", a special short-movies night about or by African women.

The screenings will be followed by a discussion, hosted by Marie Villeneuve from Radio-Canada, with Marie Ka, a Senegalese-Martinican filmmaker and screenwriter.

Marie KA is the driving force behind Dakar-based production company Picture Box, makers of educational and fictional films for the regional West African market. KA studied film at the Sorbonne and at Loyola Marymount University in California before returning home to concentrate on African stories. She has won various awards for her writing and directing, notably at FESPACO and at the Francophone Film Festival of Angoulême. Picture Box is currently developing its first feature film and a television series for children.

Claudine Pommier, French director and producer, will share with us some of her best photograph taken in Africa. She is well-knowned for her work about the links between art and women and Africa (The Power of Art : Women's voices in Africa,), but she also participated in many art exhibitions across the world  and she is the founder and director of the organisation "Arts in Action Society".
This evening will also be the occasion to explore more of her art with the screening of the short movie "The Art of women in Tiebele" :

The exhibition will stay at Alliance Française until the end of the Black History Month.


EN:Aïssa is Congolese. She is in an illegal immigrant in France. She says that she is under eighteen, but the authorities consider her as an adult. To determine if she can be deported, a doctor is going to examine her anatomy.

FR :Aïssa est congolaise. Elle est en situation irrégulière sur le territoire français. Elle dit avoir moins de dix-huit ans, mais les autorités la croient majeure. Afin de déterminer si elle est expulsable, un médecin va examiner son anatomie.

                                                     Bande Annonce / Trailer

Atlantiques recounts the odyssey of Senegalese friends who attempt a life-threatening boat crossing. Melancholic and mysterious, the film urgently and elegantly addresses the perils of illegal migration.

FR : Atlantiques retrace l’odyssée d’un groupe d’amis sénégalais qui tente une traversée périlleuse  de la frontière en bateau. Mélancolique et mystérieux, ce film dénonce les dangers de l’immigration illégale de manière virulente et élégante.

Bande Annonce / Trailer

EN : Alone in his high-rise apartment, Aaron Zukerman's Berea is long-gone, but the old man has one last link to the here and now - a weekly visit from a beautiful stranger.

FR : Seul dans son appartement haut perché, Aaron Zukerman de Berea a l'air souvent absent, mais le vieil homme a un dernier lien qui le retient ici bas - une visite hebdomadaire d'une belle étrangère.

Bande annonce / Trailer

EN : Dakar, Senegal. Ousmane, not yet 7 years old but already earning his living by begging in the center of the capital city, gets it into his head to write to Santa Claus.

FR : Dakar, Sénégal. Ousmane, qui n'a pas 7 ans, gagne déjà sa vie en mendiant dans le centre-ville. Il se met en tête d'écrire au Père Noël...

Bande annonce / Trailer

EN: The women from Tiebele in Burkina Faso had produced some fascinating wall paintings since many generations. This movie is an occasion to discover the strongness and the creativity of these women.

FR: Les femmes de Tiebele au Burkina Faso réalisent de fascinantes fresques murales depuis des générations. Ce film est l’occasion de découvrir la force et la     créativité de ces femmes.

EN : Madeleine and her husbands new, young second wife develop a relationship far beyond conventional norms. The intimacy has the potential to blow apart a stable domestic situation, but it also has the potential to rewrite the story of both womens lives.

FR : Dans un ménage qu’on devine sénégalais, probablement dakarois, une jeune femme débarque. Madeleine, dans la cinquantaine, est la première femme, celle qui depuis trente ans a appris à prévoir les demandes de l’homme qui partage sa vie. L’arrivée de cette nouvelle épouse, a priori une rivale, ne se passe toutefois pas comme prévue. Amayelle et Madeleine se respectent et ont tendance à développer une complicité qui tend à s’approcher même du désir.