Our favourite French Cartoons for Kids


Our favourite French Cartoons for kids to watch over the Spring Break

Spring break is just around the corner and children can take that time to practice their French or learn more French in one of our Spring Break Camps!

In this article we will be reminiscing about our childhood and will share with you our favourite French cartoons for kids.  Make better use of TV time and watch these cartoons with your child so that they can practice and listen to French at the same time.

French cartoons for young kids

Oui Oui

Translated to "yes yes" or "Noddy", Oui Oui is a French cartoon that speaks about a woodcarved toy with a blue bonnet and red and yellow car named Oui Oui. He is kind and honest, but he often gets into trouble, either through his own misunderstandings or because someone, usually one of the naughty goblins, has played a trick on him. He is very childlike in his understanding of the world and often becomes confused as a result. 

This cartoon was created by an English children’s author but is widely known and celebrated in countries like France.

Petit Ours Brun

This is cartoon about a bear that lives with his parents and tells stories of events that are common in small children.  You will see the typical child tantrums being resolved by his pair of loving parents and grandparents.

It is an easy to follow cartoon that is ideal for children beginning to understand French or francophone children aged 2 to 6.


Created by a French Canadian, Caillou is the story of a child that lives with his mother, father, and younger sister, Rosie. He has many adventures with his family and friends, and his imagination. This cartoon  was inspired by the work of French psychoanalyst Dr. Dolt, who specialized on child development .Her solutions all revolve around a single fundamental premise: respect for the child, as a person. Caillou was created to encourage communication between children and adults and to help youngsters grow in harmony with themselves and the world around them, giving children much-needed opportunities to discuss their emotions.

French cartoons for school aged children 

Lucky Luke

Lucky Luke is a carton based on a cowboy and his horse Jolly Jumper, as well as, Rantanplan the prison guard dog (who always gets lost in the West by wanting to follow Lucky Luke or find his prison).  The episodes of this cartoon evolve around the constant confrontation of Lucky Luke and various bandits   like the Dalton Brothers, Billy the Kid, Jesse James, and Phil Defer. 

Tom Tom et Nana

This cartoon is about the two children of restaurant owners known for their misbehaviour. They live with their parents, owners of the restaurant "A la bonne fourchette", for which serving their clients when their kids are around is a real challenge.

Boule et Bill

Boule et Bill was created by a Belgian artist and it talks about the adventures of seven-year-old boy Boule and his Cocker Spaniel Bill. Other characters include his mother, father, and his turtle names Caroline.  The whole series places comical adventures in or around the house. 

Il était une fois... la vie

Translated to "Once upon a time... life", this cartoon delves into the human body and all its science. Red blood cells, white blood cells, the creation of the human body. Every episode is center around a body part.  It's an excellent way to get children interested in Biology!

French cartoons for pre-teens and adolescents


This cartoon tells the story and adventures of Titeuf, from age eight to ten. It covers his daily life, his friends, and his vision of the adult life. Some of the themes that are discussed during the series are the mysteries of girls, sex, seduction and Nadia, his crush. One of the biggest characteristics of this cartoon is his expressions.


This internationally recognized cartoon talks about TinTin and his dog Snowy. TinTin is a reporter and adventurer that travels the world and finds himself solving many mysteries with his intellect, investigative reporting, quick thinking, and good nature.


This cartoon is about Gaulish warriors who adventure around the world and fight Romans during the era of Julius Caesar.  The main characters of this series are Asterix and his friend Obelix. They go on various adventures within their city and in foreign countries. 

Those are our favourite cartoons. Have you seen any of these cartoons before? Did we forget to mention a French Cartoon for kids that you like?  Let us know on our Social Media post!

You can also take advantage of our Digital Library Culturetheque to watch, listen, and read more French cartoons!

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