French books for beginners


French book for beginners

Learning a new language can seem like something challenging when you are an adult; however, several studies show that the learning of a foreign language may generate benefits for older individuals, such as enhancement of cognitive functioning.  In addition, learning a new language can represent new socializing opportunities when you are an adult, something that is more challenging for adults than children.

In this article, you will be able to discover and download a French book for beginners, exclusively made by Alliance Francaise Vancouver.

As a centre that offers French language courses for Adults. We are familiar with the challenges that might arise among our students, especially beginner level French learners. For this reason, we have created a French book for beginners to help you in the process of learning French.

This sample book can serve as a self-study French book that guides you on how to learn French. Of course, this book is not intended to be a substitution of a French class for beginners but, it is intended to serve as a complement to it.

 How to use this guide to Learn French

This book has been prepared by a certified French as a Second language teacher and it covers basic French knowledge areas for new learners. These themes include saying your name and asking someone’s name, introducing yourself, greeting someone, counting and identifying numbers in French, among others.

Download our sample

Self-Study guide for beginners in French

If you want to take your learning language a step further, you should take advantage of our intensive online French courses for beginners.

In just two weeks you will be able to gain the basic knowledge of French and get well set to continue your learning journey or have enough knowledge to prepare for a trip!

Registrations for our fast track  French classes in July & August  are now open.  Register today !

Would you  like to read the full self-study book for French beginners? Purchase it here!

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