Concerts Tu Peux Toujours Rever

MUSICAL SHOW "Tu Peux Toujours RÊver"



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Alex Toucourt & Julien M’a Dit, two French artists, are coming back to Vancouver to play their children's show « Tu peux toujours rêver » ("You can always dream"): a musical tale following the dreams and adventures of Jean-Mou, "7 and a quarter" years old, and Jean-Fou, "a quarter to 8" years old. After a succcessful first performance at the Alliance Française de Vancouver in 2016, the artists are back for a Canadian tour!

The show will be played in several Alliance Française in Canada, in partnership with community centres and/or local schools. If you are interested by their tour, the artists are available in Vancouver and its greater area from April 10 to 12. You can either organize a show in your school or in our auditorium. 

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Jean-Mou, 7 "and a quarter" years old, is a very shy and sensitive child, with an exemplary behaviour. As happens every year, he is spending his summer holidays at his grand-mother's. Jean-Fou, "a quarter to 8" years old, is adventurous, boisterous and mischievous. He just moved in the house next door with his parents.
The two boys, despite their opposite personalities, soon become the best of friends through their shared adventures and fantasies, full of surprises and funny characters. In this musical journey, let's share their emotions and adventures between dream and reality... for the time of a summer.

Writing and composition: Alex Toucourt et Roberdam
Stage direction and storytelling: Micky Sébastian
Length: 45 minutes

From the age of 4 years onwards


Alex Toucourt (featuring Jean-Fou): song, guitar, ukulele, bass, samples, beat box
Julien M’a Dit (featuring Jean-Mou): song, banjo, accordion, clarinet, glockenspiel, tchis tchis, beat box

The duo is coming back to Vancouver after their successful first shows at the Alliancce and at Studio 700.
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Alex Toucourt
has done more than 500 shows in France, most notably the first part of Tracy Chapman, Renan Luce, Les Ogres de Barback, Sanseverino, etc., and has been very successful in many musical springboards. He is one of France's rising singers. .

Julien M'a Dit, from Nancy, has created an intimate and singular atmosphere with his music: his songs are filled with romantic stories, whimsical characters, and cross-cultural melodies. He became famous performing first parts, and received several awards. His first solo album was released in 2016.