Jc Dance Co


October 26 - 27
Vancouver Playhouse (600 Hamilton Street)

Gravity turns elastic in Wang Ramirez’s sensational new work Borderline that combines b-boy dance battles with the soaring movement of Wuxia martial arts, to trace a line between chaos and control.

Borderline pits five dancers and one rigger against the gravitational forces of weight and resistance. As bodies bend and flip, transgressing emotional and physical boundaries, the apparatus of the work is laid bare. The rigger acts in concert with and against the dancers — manipulator, liberator, and Deus ex machina, a capricious force that upends the story, drags lovers apart, and sends bodies tumbling into space.

Fueled by the performers’ stunning technical skill, and composer Jean-Philippe Barrios’ (Lacrymoboy) score, choreographic duo Sébastien Ramirez and Honji Wang fluidly blend contemporary dance with diasporic identity and blunt social commentary to carve out new territory in the interstitial space between air and ground.

“It isn’t enough for Borderline to just be awesome to watch. It opens itself up like hip-hop knows how to do. Societal, political, the performance overflows with the traces of individuals’ journeys.” – Le Monde

“In Honji Wang and Sébastien Ramirez’s new show, Borderline, bungee ropes allow the dancers new powers of movement, letting them defy gravity and struggle against forces of restraint… an ingenious show by stunning performers.” – Evening Standard

“The contemporary dance revolution is taking place. And dancers like Sébastien Ramirez and Honji Wang are on the frontlines.” – L’Indépendant

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