viff 2016

viff 2016

September 29 - October 14
Chocolat: Saturday and Sunday, October 8-9

One of North America’s largest film festivals, the Vancouver International Film Festival will once again welcome some of the world's finest films to one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.

VIFF 2016 launches a bold restructuring of its traditional film and industry programming. In its 35th year, VIFF expands the frame to create multi-experiential streams that include some of the best cinema from around the world fused with related talks and events in a unique Film+ model.

Their new model expands the frame, giving audiences and creators a chance to discover, discuss and connect more.
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Partnership VIFF-AFV

We are proud to partner again with the VIFF for this new edition! This year, we support the great movie "Chocolat".
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Director:  Roschdy Zem
Actors: Omar Sy, James Thierrée
Synopsis: The life story of Rafael Padilla, a former slave in Cuba, who unexpectedly became a star clown in the Paris of the Belle Epoque. Discovered in a small country circus in the North of France by George Footit, a British clown and acrobat, he formed a successful duo with him, 'Footit and Chocolat'. For two decades, and despite conflicts between the two artists, Footit as the authoritarian white clown and Chocolat as the Auguste Black drudge filled crowds with enthusiasm. But nothing lasts forever and the glory of Chocolat, despite his high ambitions, started to decline until his premature death in 1917. Written by Guy Bellinger

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