My Frenchfilmfestival 2018

My French film festival 2018

From January 19 to February 19 is an innovative concept aiming to throw the spotlight on new generation French filmmakers, allowing web users across the globe to share their enthusiasm for French cinema. Now in its eighth year, the festival returns in 2018 with new films to offer, new partner platforms, and festival launches held in movie theaters in a number of countries.


From January 19 through February 19, 2018, film lovers around the world will be able to access films from the 8th edition of world's first online French film festival.

The concept

Ten French feature films and ten French shorts will be included in the competition section. Web users will be invited to rate all of these films and to post their comments on our website. The selection includes two Belgian films in competition, with a French cinema classic, two French-Canadian films, and two French-language Swiss films presented out-of-competition.

How to view films

Online: Films can be accessed via the platform in all countries. The festival is also available via around thirty partner platforms in different countries, including iTunes in 90 countries.
In theaters:
Film screenings will be held in theaters near you during the festival. Information about theater locations and screening times will be regularly posted on our website.

On airplanes:
MyFrenchFilmFestival will also be available for airline travelers, with films shown on a range of international airlines throughout the year. All details about this service will also be posted on our website.

Prize winners

Three prizes will be presented at the closing of the festival:

The juries for the Filmmakers' Prize and the International Press Prize will meet in Paris during the festival to elect the winning films. The prize-winning films will be screened on Air France flights for a period of 6 months starting in July 2018.

Viewing fees

All of the short films can be viewed free of charge in all countries. Every year, the festival offers a free viewing service in certain countries. This year, the following countries and regions will offer free viewing: Latin America, India, Poland, Russia, Africa, and Romania.
For other countries:

On competition this year:

Rock'n Roll

Directed by: Guillaume Canet
Screenwriters: Guillaume Canet, Philippe Lefebvre, Rodolphe Lauga
With : Guillaume Canet, Marion Cotillard, Gilles Lellouche, Johnny Hallyday

Synopsis: At the age of 43, Guillaume Canet has every reason to be happy. Yet his life with Marion, his son, his country house, and his horses all make him look like a has-been. He seems to have lost his sex appeal. Guillaume understands that he must change everything, and fast. And he'll have to go to great lengths to do so, while his nearest and dearest look on with amazement.


Directed by: Yan England
With: Antoine-Olivier Pilon, Sophie Nélisse, Lou-Pascal Tremblay

Synopsis : Tim is a shy but brilliant 16-year-old who has a natural talent for sport. But the great pressure he is under pushes him to the edge, where human limits reach the point of no return.

Into the forest

Directed by: Gilles Marchand
Screenwriters: Gilles Marchand, Dominik Moll
With:  Jérémie Elkaïm, Timothé Vom Dorp, Théo Van de Voorde, Mika Zimmerman

Synopsis: Two young boys whose parents are divorced travel to Sweden to spend their vacation with their father. When he suggests they spend a few days at a lakeside cabin in the middle of a forest, the boys are delighted. But Benjamin, the elder son, starts to grow uneasy about their father’s strange behavior. And the more time that passes, the less their father seems to want to return home.

And many others...

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