film en ville

Film En Ville

Saturday, September 12 - From 10 am to 4pm
Cardero & Robson St

Ticket: $5/person

Vancouver is, after New York and LA, the third largest city in number of shooting. So if you would like to know more about movie and Vancouver, to relive the cult scenes of your favorite movies or explore the city with a director’s eye, join Vancouver in French team for an afternoon under the spotlight!

Teams of 2 to 4 people will have to find 8 movies  that were shot in Vancouver exploring downtown Vancouver in search of clues.

Join Vancouver en Français to become unbeatable on cinema in Vancouver, and especially to have a lot of fun, in French and English!

Many prizes to be won.


Sign-up: Films En Ville (2 bonus point for early bird until Thursday, September 10 at noon)

This game is design for both children and adults.

More info HERE!