Eastern Boys

Eastern Boys

From April 17 to April 22
Vancity Theatre

"Eastern Boys"  directed by Robin Campillo
128m- 2014 - Drama - French, Russian, English with English Subtitles- PG 19+

Whatever your preconceptions of French cinema — or France, for that matter — put them aside now. This crisp, unexpected drama from regular Laurent Cantet collaborator (and Les Revenants creator) Robin Campillo oscillates between thriller, social realism, and gay love story without ever missing a beat.

It begins with a classic mis-step. Daniel foolishly picks up an Eastern European hustler at the Gare du Nord, and invites him back to his apartment the next day. But when he buzzes in his new acquaintance, he’s in for an unpleasant surprise: Marek is not alone, he’s invited the whole gang in with him. They make themselves at home, dance, drink, and strip the place of anything of any value, and all Daniel can do is stand by and watch (though he’s half-seduced into joining in the fun himself). That’s only the first turn in a movie that risks several hairpin bends, but which is played with such conviction and sincerity that you are carried right along with it, from one moral quagmire to the next.

"Fascinating... Sleek, shape-shifting... by turns a frightening home-invasion drama, a tender love story and a tense hide-and-seek thriller."- Variety

"A surprisingly resonant thrill ride." - NPR

"Explores interlocking themes of sexuality, immigration and power dynamics with a cleareyed sensitivity and refuses to demonize even its shadiest characters."  -  New York Times

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