Attila Marcel

Attila Marcel

Wednesday, February 25- Doors : 07:00pm  Showtime: 08:15pm
Vancity Theatre

Reel Causes invites you to a screening of the French Movie "Attila Marcel" on the occasion of the fundraiser "Quirck-a-Palooza". Reel Causes is delighted to present Vancouver’s premier of Attila Marcel, a wonderful and delightfully eccentric film about celebrating life, embracing diversity in all its quirkiness, connecting community, creating positive change — and the myriad ways these all can occur. Values that Reel Causes works and stands for.

"Attila Marcel" directed by Sylvain Chomet
1h46 - 2013- Comedy -  French with English Subtitles

Paul, a man in his thirties lives in Paris with his two eccentric controlling, old aunts; aristocrats who have raised him since childhood and who always dress in matching outfits. Their dream is to see him become a virtuoso pianist, but Paul seems to be living in a dream world of his own. Mute since his parents’ tragic death when he was two, his life now consists of the same daily routine, stuck between the grand piano in the living room and his aunts’ dance class, where he works as an accompanist. Cut off from the outside world, Paul has aged without having ever lived… Until the day he meets Madame Proust, his neighbor from the fourth floor. This unusual woman has the recipe for an herbal tea that, with the help of music, is able to bring back the most deeply buried memories. With Madame Proust’s help, Paul will discover his past and find the key to finally live his own life.

Writer-Director Sylvain Chomet (The Triplets of Belleville) has captured a delightful mix of comedy, music, and sumptuous magic realism, along with stellar performances from his cast, particularly in Guillaume Gouix (Beyond the Walls) as the silently expressive Paul and his rambunctious father, the wrestler Attila Marcel. Light-hearted, lovely, eccentric and gorgeous, Attila Marcel is a treat for the ears, eyes and heart.

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