Literary breakfast

Literary breakfast on August 20

On the sunny morning of August 20, the literary breakfast was held near the Duck Pond at Queen Elizabeth Park. Around a croissant, 7 participants discussed the moods in the novels,  emotions felt while reading and search for meaning.

Discover the selection of the participants of the August 20th literary breakfast!

Susanne's reading

Francois-Henri Désérable - Mon maître et mon vainqueur

"The notebook was the first thing the judge showed me when I entered his office earlier. Under the soft, transparent cover, one could read in black marker: MY MASTER AND MY WINNER. On the following pages, there were poems. This is what was found on Vasco: the gun, a blackened notebook with about twenty poems and, later, after ballistic examination, gunpowder residues on his hands. This is what was left, I thought, of his love story."

Gary's reading

Patrick Modiano - Romans

Patrick Modiano, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, depicts the lives of his characters in contemplative novels, often set in Paris during the Occupation.

Grace's reading

Patrick Modiano - Villa Triste

A summer in the sixties. A small French town by a lake, near Switzerland. Victor Chmara is eighteen years old and is hiding because he is afraid. Strange characters haunt this town of water, like the doctor nicknamed La Reine Astrid... But there is especially Yvonne, with her Great Dane... A search for lost time.

Jennifer's reading

John La Galite - L'ange gardien

Escaping from a natural disaster of which she had a premonition, Anna is convinced that death has attached itself to her steps. After having taken her husband away from her, it is her daughter Céline that she now covets. Anna takes refuge with Céline in a village in the Jura. She wants to rebuild her life, to offer her daughter a new life. But she has chosen wrong. A psychological thriller, an agonizing suspense.

Carine's reading

Claire Marin - être à sa place

Sometimes it starts with an anxiety or a discomfort. We feel out of step, we fear acting inappropriately. You feel like you don't "belong". But what does it mean to be in one's place, in one's family, one's couple, one's work? In this fascinating and sensitive book, the philosopher Claire Marin explores all the places we occupy and questions what is both the formulation of a personal desire and a new social imperative.

Camilla's reading

Kate Atkinson - Life after life

Ursula has the chance that everyone wishes for: to start her life again after having died several times in different circumstances. She can see Europe, or not, meet the Furher or fight him. But until she succeeds, she must start over and over again on a cold winter night.

Isabelle's reading

Fabrice Midal - Comment la philosophie peut nous sauver

What if philosophy was first and foremost an experience to be lived? What if meditation was not just a tool for well-being? Alternating between questions about existence and guided meditations, Fabrice Midal brings together two paths of wisdom leading to the same quest for meaning and lucidity. Learn to be attentive with Simone Weil, to be astonished with Plato or to refuse injustice with Rousseau.