Accordion Noir Festival 2016

Accordion Noir Festival

September 8 -11, 2016
Lanalous, York Theatre, The WISE Hall, Spartacus Books

This annual celebration of underground accordion culture brings together artists from around the globe for four days of squeezebox-themed concerts, dance parties, community events and cabaret. A long-time East Vancouver favourite, it showcases the best in alt accordion including cabaret, circus, folk-roots, indie, punk and klezmer.

This year’s festival highlights the accordion’s deep cultural roots and features acts from Texas, Nunavut, Colombia, China and France alongside local favourites like Geoff Berner, Jack Garton and the Demon Squadron, and many more. Blending the cutting edge with the fiercely danceable, Noir Potion #9 is a four day dose of love tonic, guaranteed to cure accordion haters.

Find the program here or here: 2016-Noirfest-Program.pdf
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Love Potion Cabaret
Friday, September 9
Nefertiti in the Kitchen, Jet Black Pearl, Patrick Farrell and Ben Holmes, Paleomagnetism: Premier by Nathan Shubert featuring Tim Chan

It’s cabaret night at the festival, with a lineup of local and international accordion artists who mix a little bit of this and a little bit of that to brew an intoxicating musical brew.

Hosted by Vancouver’s famed ‘Whiskey Rabbi’ Geoff Berner this evening features: a multimedia accordion and trumpet suite inspired by Edgar Allan Poe; a song detailing the sex lives of slugs; a new composition for accordion, sheng, cello and synthesizer; and, a multi-lingual duo from France that claims to be ”crazy like a cartoon character with its fingers stuck in a power socket.”

Blending sounds from across the globe with a healthy dose of cultural subversion, this weird and wild night is a love potion.

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