Thibault Cauvin

Thibault Cauvin

Friday, March 13 - 07.00pm
Pyatt Hall, Vancouver School of Music

ERRATUM: Our Newsletter annouced the concert in February. Thibault Cauvin concert is of course on MARCH 13.We are sorry for the inconvenience!

Thibault Cauvin is one of the most-talented guitarists in the world of today .

He is traveling the globe throughout the year at the invitation of the most prestigious festivals and concert halls. Between New York and Hong Kong, San Paolo and Istanbul, London and Melbourne or Singapore and Tel-Aviv, he shares his music with us. He has already given more than 1000 concerts worldwide, warmly greeted by the critics. He has also participated in many TV and radio programs and collaborated with famous musicians, composers and symphony orchestras. Considered as an innovative and creative performer, Thibault is regularly the guest of honor at festivals, universities and conservatories throughout the world to give master-classes, lectures or to judge competitions.

From a family of musicians, Thibault began learning the guitar with his father at the age of 6. After graduating from the Bordeaux and Paris conservatories, Thibault embarked on the international competitions circuit. At the age of 20, he was the first and only guitarist worldwide to win 13 international first prizes. With a background in contemporary music from family influences, along with his classical training at the conservatories, Thibault has developed a unique style making him what he is today: an ambassador of the new “classical” guitar. He combines the quality and beauty of the instrument with an extraordinary passion. Thibault presents a rich and modern repertory, always full of creativity.

After recording four albums unanimously recognized by the critics, the film director Nicolas Pierre Morin produces, during Thibault’s China tour, a beautiful documentary film “Across China-Thibault Cauvin”, recounting his bustling everyday life between excerpts from concerts, interviews, backstage, master-classes and other unexpected events. This “road movie”, regularly broadcasted in movie theater, was released in DVD last year. His newest CD “Cities”, long awaited, recorded a few weeks ago, will be released on october, during Thibault’s performance at the Carnegie Hall in New York. In this first opus dedicated to world music, he provides a view on the cities that made a deep impression on him. A musical journey meandering between memories and dreams…

This concert by Vancouver Guitar Society is co-presented by Alliance Française

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