Push Festival Relative Collider

Relative Collider


February 4-6
Push Festival
Scotiabank Dance Centre - 677 Davie Street, Vancouver

Liz Santoro and Pierre Godard have crafted a dance performance as pleasurable to contemplate as it is to watch. From the suspense of small movements to the eruption of sweeping motion, the show takes us on an adventure of the body. Close collaborators for years, Godard and Santoro bring with them a wealth of experience: Santoro hails from the experimental dance culture of New York City, Godard from the cerebral academic culture of the Sorbonne in Paris, and these backgrounds make for an electric combination.

Their inspiration comes from physics, numerical structure and language. The dancers act based on two “movement systems” operating in parallel: “hands” and “feet.” The dance is timed to a metronome, and the moves are dictated by patterns of numbers and random spoken text cues. Sound a little heady? Don’t worry: the performance is hypnotic and thrilling, with patterns of movement taking on the aspect of a living puzzle. Sensuous and cerebral in equal measure, this show is a challenge and a reward. Godard and Santoro find a balance between planning and spontaneit—their work is both intricately structured and open to felicity. Radical, rigorous and ingenious, this work is truly one of a kind.

"Obsessive, intriguing… Relative Collider is like a continuous transition, a drawn-out crescendo, governed by a crystalline but elusive logic."       —New York Times

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