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Alliance Française Vancouver joins other AF from around the World to offer our students two new free activities to practice their French, to meet other AF students and to discover new cities (Medellin (Colombia), White Plains (USA), Bordeaux (France) and Vicenza (Italy))! 

Every Wednesday and Thursday  at 8.30am. 



Every week, one Alliance Française presents its city in French (Culture, Gastronomy, History, etc.).

Every week, join this conversation club with students from the other Alliances Françaises!

Format : on zoom. 30min of presentation followed by 15 to 30 min of Q&A.

Format: on zoom 45min to 1h of discussion.

Open to all. All levels can join, listen to the presentation and are free to ask questions... or not!

Open to students starting from B1/B2 levels.

Date Every Wednesday at 8.30am.

Date Every Thursday at 8.30am.

It all comes with BONJOUR