Eu Bookclub The Last Weynfeldt

Eu Bookclub "The Last Weynfeld"

Saturday, April 22  2017 – 4pm to 6pm

Residence of the Swiss Confederation
1079 Groveland Road
West Vancouver, BC V7S 1Z3

Organized by the General Consulate of Switzerland in Vancouver and EUNIC Canada-Vancouver, the next meeting with the EU Book Club will be with a Swiss novel by Martin Suter.


Adrian Weynfeldt is an art expert in an international auction house, a bachelor in his mid-fifties living in a grand Zurich apartment filled with costly paintings and antiques. Always correct and well-mannered, he's given up on love until one night—entirely out of character for him—Weynfeldt decides to take home a ravishing but unaccountable young woman. The next morning, he finds her outside on his balcony threatening to jump. Weynfeldt talks her down and soon finds himself falling for this damaged but alluring beauty and his buttoned up existence comes unraveled. As their two lives become entangled, Weynfeldt gets embroiled in an art forgery scheme that threatens to destroy everything he and his prominent family have stood for. This refined page-turner moves behind elegant bourgeois facades into darker recesses of the heart.

Martin Suter (born 29 February 1948 in Zürich) is a Swiss author. He became known for his weekly column Business Class in the Weltwoche newspaper (1992–2004), now appearing in the Tages-Anzeiger, and another column appearing in "NZZ Folio". Suter has published nine novels, for which he received various awards. He is married and lives in Spain and Guatemala.

Suter worked previously as a copywriter and creative director in advertising before he decided to fully concentrate on his writing career in 1991. He achieved his break-through with his novel Small World in 1997, which was published by Diogenes Verlag.

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Note: The English translation (by Steph Morris) of the novel, is available in paperback and e-books formats at Chapters and