Espace V Underwater

 ©Faber Courtial


Genesis embarks on an emotionally intense VR journey to experience the dramatic milestones in the evolution of earth and mankind.
Chaos, rebirth and catastrophes mark the history of Earth, yet mankind exists. As time travelers we immerse into unknown spheres. Seemingly unreal, mystical and daunting, yet full of breath-taking landscapes and creatures that truly existed before. A 24 h metaphor of 4.7 bn years of evolution that reveals: We are children of galactic luck, born in the final second of eternity.

in English
13 min
All ages


Jörg Courtial is the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Faber Courtial – studio for digital worlds. An Industrial Design graduate deeply rooted in photography, Joerg quickly developed a unique visual style and was renowned for outstanding VFX & Animations in distinguished documentaries and exhibitions since 1998. Passionate about new visual grounds Joerg pioneered VR and has been creating award-winning films, that set high standards in storytelling and creative techniques. Joerg’s films are spiked with an incredible richness of detail, with each frame being artistically staged to perfection. His signature style creates cineastic VR experiences of unparalleled intensity and pure emotions.

Maria Courtial is Co-founder, CEO and producer of Faber Courtial - studio for digital worlds, which she started together with her husband and creative director Jörg Courtial in 1998 after graduating in industrial design. An open-minded future enthusiast, Maria was an early adopter of technology to unleash deep human emotions and under her lead Faber Courtial evolved into one of the leading VR and VFX studios in Germany. Her perpetual search for alternative perspectives to reveal unseen truths led her to pioneer the creation of 360° films, which became her true passion. Since 2014, Maria has been producing and co-directing award-winning immersive films and experiences that reimagine the world of entertainment. Her trademark is a meticulous focus on striking a close and poetic balance between the important elements of camera, music, narration and editing to achieve a remarkably high standard of storytelling, intense messages, and strong emotions. 




Artistic Director – Jörg Courtial ■ Producer – Maria Courtial ■ Script – Jörg Courtial ■ Texter – Kai Michel ■ Technical Director – Felix Faul ■ Senior 3D Artists – Wolf Knittig –  Nils Rosenow – Daniel Hirschnitz – Jennifer Cox – Philipp Clermont -  Alessandro Mastronardi (Australopithecus) ■ Director of Photography – Jörg Courtial ■ Graphic Earth Timer - Sven Wölk ■ Sound Design – Stefan Lupp ■ Produced by Innerspace VR, in co-production with ARTE France, with CNC support, distributed by Vertigo Games.