Serious Games


A serious game to imagine the Future Arts Centre!

Alliance Française de Vancouver, in partnership with the Embassy of France in Canada, the Art of Festivals, and the Centre For Digital Media (Vancouver), developed a digital simulation (“serious game”) to explore the skills and strategies needed to create and manage future artistic production and presentation venues.

The Game

You are appointed as the CEO of a brand new interdisciplinary arts centre – a culture hub designed for tomorrow’s world. As you’re making strategic decisions and reacting to global and local events, which principles and values will guide your choices?
You can play solo or decide to collectively debate the choices with peers, colleagues, or partners… to think together about what cultural centres need today to thrive tomorrow.

Bilingual game in French and English.
Duration: approximately 75 minutes.



To design innovative tools to promote skills development and support the cultural sector in a perspective of ecosystems change.
To build a simulation game as a training – coaching or even team building resource, to understand the environment and organizational challenges in order to imagine and experiment major trends and issues of a professional production and presentation centre in the future.

The aim is to develop a prospective and long-term vision of a creation-presentation space over 8 multi-year cycles. To experiment with what is possible, in order to prepare a desirable future and to unblock the processes of innovation within the sector.

The complex includes a modular performance hall, an art gallery, a media library, a cinema, creation studios and rehearsal rooms, a bar-restaurant, a reception and community space. The players have to build a strategy and explore a number of tasks and realities of a multi-disciplinary cultural space, considering different fields, constraints or steps to follow. Each question has a pedagogic dimension, which, through several indicators, will define the final profile of the players.

Team and organization
The cultural cooperation team of the Consulate General of France in Vancouver has brought together a pool of French and Canadian professional organizations: representatives of RIM and UFISC in France, the Alliances françaises network and local partners in Canada, to produce a shared expertise on the topics and contents explored in the game.

Five decision areas were identified and a number of options to choose from in terms of:

  • Strategy and policy
  • Artistic and programming
  • Governance
  • People, in and around the centre
  • Building and equipment

Built as a tool for dialogue and cooperation among peers and across borders, the issue of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and respect of Cultural rights (Unesco) play a central role in the Future Arts Centre.
Registered in Creative Commons, it leaves freedom to organizations, institutions and operators, both French and Canadian, who wish to leverage the content and infrastructure of the game, to create other elements that respond, playfully, to a skill development need of the creative sector.


This project was developed based on an original idea from the cultural team of the Embassy of France in Canada – Consulate general in Vancouver, and with the expertise of French and Canadian professional organizations.

Technical Development Team – Centre for Digital Media (Vancouver, BC, Canada):

  • Project Manager & Visual Designer – Jisoo Shin
  • Producer & Game  Developer – Mars Balisacan
  • Game Designer & UX Designer – Asher Gao
  • Game Developer – Sofie Vang Nielsen
  • 3D Artist – Kennedy Kan
  • UI Designer – Chalita Termpaiboon

Art of Festivals Fanny Martin
Alliance Française of Vancouver : Fanny Surzur, Damien Hubert
Music : Didier Ottaviani