Best French wines to pair with food


Best French wines to pair with food

Summer is in full swing, accompanied by delightful dinners and afternoon barbecues with friends. In the realm of great moments, fine wine becomes an essential companion. If you're pondering over the ideal wine to bring to a friend's gathering centered around cooking fish, to eat with cheese, or  any other food, do not worry! Our expertise will be your guide as we embark on a series of articles, revealing a selection of French wine pairings, immersing you in the exquisite art of wine appreciation.

Today's article takes us on a captivating journey to discover the diverse types of French wines. Understanding these wines is crucial for mastering the art of white wine pairings.

Types of French wines

To enhance your knowledge of white wine pairings, it's beneficial to acquaint yourself with the various types of French wines. Categorizing wines involves considering multiple factors, and we've curated a list of examples based on their distinct flavors. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of French wines and discover their captivating diversity across a wide range of styles.

Sparkling Wonders
  • Champagne: The epitome of celebratory elegance, Champagne dazzles with its effervescence and refined character.

Delightful Dry Whites
  • Muscadet: Crisp and refreshing, Muscadet showcases lively acidity and mineral notes, making it a splendid companion to seafood.
  • Pinot Gris: With its alluring texture and subtle fruitiness, Pinot Gris adds a touch of sophistication to any occasion.
  • Sauvignon Blanc: Vibrant and aromatic, Sauvignon Blanc charms the senses with its zesty citrus and herbal undertones.

Elegantly Oaked Whites
  • Chardonnay: A chameleon of flavors, Chardonnay ranges from buttery and rich to vibrant and mineral-driven, reflecting its terroir and winemaking techniques.
  • Marsanne-based Blend: Blending Marsanne with other grapes yields a harmonious fusion of textures and aromas that delight the palate.
  • Sémillon: Often used in Bordeaux blends, Sémillon brings a luscious, honeyed quality to the table.
  • Viognier: Exotic and fragrant, Viognier entices with its floral bouquet and apricot notes.

Aromatically Alluring Whites
  •  Chenin Blanc: From dry to sweet, Chenin Blanc captivates with its versatility and capacity to age beautifully.
  • Gewurztraminer (France and Germany): Offering a symphony of lychee, rose petal, and spice, Gewurztraminer is an enchanting sensory experience.
Radiant Rosé
  • Rosé: A singular delight, French rosés from Provence and Languedoc-Roussillon paint a picture of pale elegance and delightful dryness.
Luminous Light Reds
  •  Gamay: Light-hearted and juicy, Gamay is a red companion that exudes charm and drinkability.
  • Pinot Noir: Known for its ethereal qualities, Pinot Noir expresses a range of flavors from earthy to red-fruited elegance.
Fruitful Red Pleasures
  • Cabernet Franc: Expressive and herbaceous, Cabernet Franc enchants with its complex aromatics and graceful structure.
  • Carménère: With a spicy and dark fruit profile, Carménère offers a distinctive and captivating taste.
  • Merlot: Silky and approachable, Merlot's plum and berry notes make it a crowd-pleasing favorite.
  • Grenache-Syrah-Mouvèdre Blend: This blend creates a symphony of flavors, combining the spiciness of Syrah, the fruitiness of Grenache, and the depth of Mouvèdre.

Potent Red Statements 
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: Regal and commanding, Cabernet Sauvignon stands tall with its bold tannins and cassis-driven richness.
  • Malbec: Full-bodied and dark-fruited, Malbec showcases power and character, particularly in French iterations.
  • Petit Verdot: Often a supporting actor, Petit Verdot adds structure and depth to blends.
  • Durif: Robust and intense, Durif brings a deep, dark dimension to the glass.
  • Syrah: Expressing a range from dark fruit to peppery spice, Syrah's boldness leaves a lasting impression.

Nectarous Sweet Finishes
  • Sauternais: The epitome of indulgence, Sauternais wines harmoniously balance sweetness with acidity, making them a delightful conclusion to a meal.

Next week we will go into depth with food pairings, starting with cheese.

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