Vincent Cauwet

Vincent Cauwet

Vincent, originally from Paris, made Vancouver his home in 2006. Armed with an IT engineering degree, he delved headfirst into the tech industry, wearing different hats in software engineering, project and product management.

Currently, he holds the position of VP of Operations at Eventbase Technology. A company that delivers mobile apps for some of the world's largest events, like the Olympics, SXSW, CES, and Dreamforce. 

In 2022, a significant life event led Vincent to take on a new role. The birth of his daughter inspired him to join the Alliance then the Board, as he is determined to ensure that French culture remains an integral part of her upbringing.

Vincent is also an avid tennis enthusiast. Though he once competed in the sport, he now relishes the joy of playing with friends and traveling the globe to witness thrilling tournaments.

He's currently honing his baking skills for his daughter when she’s older, whipping up traditional French delights like crêpes, madeleines, or fondant au chocolat.