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Date: September 26 2013
Time: 10:00am
Location: VCT, Cineplex Odeon International Village, Playhouse, Center for Performing Arts, Cinémathèque, SFU Woodwards

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Showtimes: Oct 02 04:20 pm (International Village #10)

                     Oct 05 09:15 pm (Rio Theatre)

2013 – 94min – Drama/Romance – France, Austria

Directed by Rebecca Zlotowski

Starring Léa Seydoux, Tahar Rahim and Olivier Gourmet.

Gary arrives at the plant looking to score some danger pay. He gets it, finding maintenance work close to the reactor itself—and inevitably exposing himself to low levels of radiation. But the real danger comes in the form of his attraction to Karole, who also works at the plant, alongside her fiancé Toni.

There is simply not a romance like it; Rahim and Seydoux commit strongly to their roles, making for a convincingly awkward courting period, infused with plenty of the complexity facing contemporary relationships (and some of it less so).” – Film School Rejects


Showtimes : October 5 at 9:15pm (Vancouver Playhouse)

                      October 10 at 01pm (Vancouver Playhouse)

2013 - 93min – Drama – France

Directed by François Ozon

Starring Marine Vacth, Géraldine Pailhas and Frédéric Pierrot.

François Ozon’s controversial drama follows 17-year-old Isabelle (Marine Vacth), from a comfortable Parisian background, who chooses to become a high-class prostitute. Ozon’s refusal to judge coupled with Vacth’s amazing performance make for a disturbing and deeply affecting work.

Celebrating the intact and unrecoverable power of this scandalous age that is adolescence, François Ozon has directed with “Young & Beautiful” one of the sharpest and most disturbing movie, but at the same time one of the most classic. A masterpiece.” – Le Monde


Showtimes: September 27 at 10:30pm ( SFU Woodwards )

                     October 05 at 12pm ( Rio Theatre)

                     October 10 at 8:30pm (Vancouver Playhouse)

2013 – 180min – Comedy/Drama – France

Directed by Abdellatif Kechiche

Starring Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos.

Aged 15, Adèle doesn’t ask a lot of questions to herself, to her, a girl must have boyfriends. Her life changes the day she meets Emma, a young blue-haired woman who introduces Adèle to desire. Facing the judgment of the other people she grows up and try to find herself.

An extraordinary, prolonged popping-candy explosion of pleasure, sadness, anger, lust and hope.” – The Telegrah


Showtimes: October 02 at 2pm (The Cinematheque)

                     October 08 at 02:30pm (The Cinematheque)

                     October 10 at 7pm (The Cinematheque)

2013 – 52min – Dance – France

Directed by Denis Sneguirev and Philippe Chevallier

Nurses, housewives, teachers and doctors, aged between 60 and 87 years old and without any dance experience, perform Stravinsky’s masterpieceThe Rite of Spring.The fruit of seven years collaboration with the groundbreaking choreographer Thierry Thieû Niang, the show has been acclaimed throughout France.


Showtimes: Sep 28 02:40 pm (Vancity Theatre)

                     Oct 04 02:00 pm (International Village #10)

                     Oct 11 06:45 pm (SFU Woodwards)

2013 – 90min – Documentary – France, Cambodia

Directed by Rithy Panh

Obsessed by the missing documentation of the Khmer Rouge’s reign over the country from 1975 to 1979, Panh creates here a piercing masterpiece. He utilizes a seemingly infinite number of carefully crafted clay figurines, set in evocatively painted tableaux to reconstruct cultural and personal memory and fill the void of “the missing picture".


Showtimes:Sep 27 09:15 pm (Rio Theatre)

                    Sep 29 01:40 pm (International Village #10)

2013 – 102min – Drama/Thriller – Canada, France

Directed by Xavier Dolan

Starring Xavier Dolan , Pierre-Yves Cardinal and Lise Roy.

Xavier Dolan (I Killed My Mother), one of Canada’s most provocative and boundary pushing filmmakers, dips his toes into the mainstream with this gripping psychological thriller. Dolan plays the grief-stricken Tom, who ventures into the bucolic Quebec countryside for his lover’s funeral, only to become a pawn in a sadistic game perpetrated by the deceased’s savage, sexually repressed brother.

“Xavier Dolan has an extraordinary eye, as the arresting visual composition of Tom at the Farm constantly attests.” – The Hollywood Reporter


Showtimes:Sep 27 04:30 pm(SFU Woodwards)

                    Oct 04 06:45 pm (International Village #08)

2013 – 97min – Biography/History – France

Directed by Bruno Dumont

Starring Juliette Binoche, Jean-Luc Vincent and Robert Leroy.

In one of her most committed and profound performances, the great French actress Juliette Binoche plays Camille Claudel some years after the famous sculptress was committed to a benevolent asylum by her family. She remains bitter and paranoid when the subject of her old lover Auguste Rodin comes up. Most tragically of all, she refuses to return to her work.

I wait for each new film by (…) Bruno Dumont. I enjoy all sorts of films, but… I feel closest, in my work, to Dumont. Dumont’s films are basically existential works, philosophical films, not political ones. I think of my own films that way.”— Michael Haneke


Showtimes: Sep 27 08:45 pm (International Village #09)

                     Sep 30 03:40 pm (International Village #09)

2013 – 102min – Thriller – France, Belgium

Directed by Philippe Godeau

Starring François Cluzet, Bouli Lanners and Corinne Masiero.

In 2009, French security van driver Toni Musulin disappeared with 11.6 million euros, instantly propelling himself to celebrity status in France. François Cluzet (Intouchables) stars in Philippe Godeau’s psychological take on the heist and its aftermath.

“The lack of suspense (the film opens with Musulin giving himself up to the police) is more than compensated for by the sense of mystery surrounding Musulin’s actions and motives…”—The Hollywood Reporter


Showtimes:Sep 30 09:15 pm(Centre for Performing Arts)

                    Oct 11 01:30 pm(Vancouver Playhouse)

2013 – 122min – History/War – France, Germany

Directed by Arnaud des Paillères

Starring Mads Mikkelsen, Mélusine Mayance and Denis Lavant.

Mads Mikkelsen (The Hunt)stars in Arnaud des Pallières’ atmospheric adaptation of Heinrich von Kleist’s classic novella about principles, law and revenge. In 16th-century Cévennes, a horse-dealer is wronged by a local lord. His search for justice will ravage the countryside.

Form and content perfectly match. Arnaud des Paillères makes us passionate about a moral issue that we are still facing in our contemporary world.” – Les Inrockuptibles



Showtimes: Sep 30 10:30 am (International Village #09)

                     Oct 04 06:30 pm (International Village #09)

                     Oct 10 04:00 pm (Vancity Theatre)

2013 – 90min – Documentary – France, Austria

Directed by Yves Montmayeur

"H" stands for Haneke, arguably the most successful European art-house filmmaker working today. Haneke picked up major prizes at Cannes for four of his last six films, including the Grand Prix forThe Piano Teacher; Best Director forCaché; and the Palme d’or for bothThe White Ribbonand last year’sAmour, which also won the Academy Award.

He is a rigorous, austere, philosophical filmmaker who is also embraced by a relatively widespread art-film audience. And for most of the last 20 years, Yves Montmayeur has been there beside him as Haneke has perfected his art.


Showtimes:Sep 27 01:00 pm(International Village #09)

                    Oct 02 09:00 pm ( Centre for Performing Arts)

2013 – 112min – Comedy – France

Directed by Agnès Jaoui

Starring Agnès Jaoui, Jean-Pierre Bacri, Agathe Bonitzer and Benjamin Biolay.

All of the fairytale archetypes—be they wolves or fairy godmothers—are present in Agnès Jaoui’s delightful comedy. However, as a beguiling ensemble of lovelorn Parisians navigate their romantic entanglements, the playful narrative skirts conventional happily-ever-afters and steers itself into far more realistic and rewarding territory.

“Above all, this film remains a pleasure of dialogues and actors, of causticity and sensitivity.” – Télérama


Showtimes: Oct 01 09:00 pm (Centre for Performing Arts)

                     Oct 05 03:30 pm (Vancouver Playhouse)

2013 – 130min – Drama – Iran, France

Directed by Asghar Farhadi

Starring Bérénice Bejo, Tahar Rahim and Ali Mosaffa.

Returning from Tehran after several years apart, Ahmad (Ali Mosaffa) arrives in France to finalize divorce proceedings from his wife, Marie (The Artist’sBérénice Bejo). Despite his resolve to remain detached, he’s soon drawn back into fresh emotional turbulence with the revelations that Marie is on the point of marrying again, to another immigrant, Samir (Tahar Rahim,A Prophet), and her teenage daughter from a previous liaison is adamantly opposed to the union.

There is an elegantly patterned mosaic of detail, unexpected plot turns, suspenseful twists and revelations… The continuing force and intelligence of Farhadi’s filmmaking is compelling.”—The Guardian