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Date: November 06 2014
Time: 11:00pm
Location: Auditorium Georges Brassens

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Thursday, November 6 - 11:00 am
At the Alliance Française auditorium

"Amitiés Sincères" directed by Stephane Archinard
1h44m - Drama- Comedy - with English subtitles- PG

The longstanding friendship uniting a restaurant owner, Walter, who is overprotective of Clemence, his 23-year-old daughter, a former politician, Jacques, who has become a bookseller and a writer with writer's block, Paul, is tested by various cover-ups and lies.
Will their friendship survive after the revelation of the affair between Clemence and Paul ? Will Walter - who can't stand lies- be able to forgive Paul in the name of friendship ?

"A funny and elegant comedy which protects both friendship and love"- Le Canard Enchainé

"Some beautiful truths about friendship, love and father-daughter relationships"- StudioCiné Live