Classes For Kids With Advanced French Skills


Classes for kids with advanced French

For children 8 to 11 years old and with a level of French A2.2 to B1.1

If your child has reached an advanced French level (A2.1) or attends a French immersion school in Vancouver, they may have strong verbal skills but likely need to improve their writing and grammar abilities. To address this, we have developed a French program emphasizing enhancing your child's grammar, conjugation, and syntax skills while expanding their oral proficiency.

This program is complementary to their academic courses as our curriculum is based on school subjects such: Science, Math, Geography, History, Music, and Arts.

After finishing this course, children will have strengthened their written skills and be capable of writing longer texts with grammatically correct sentences, according to their age.

If your child is in a French immersion school in Vancouver, this course is made to support their learning journey.

The program follows a handbook and uses a grammar book that has been developed for children.

Find our course in our "Book a course" selector under the name A2.2 & B1.1 Independent Prim' 

Click here to book a course (8-10 years old) and access to the complete schedule of our current French classes. 

From only $16/hour. All prices are subject to change without notice. Books and registration fees are not included in the tuition fee.
New students: a placement test is required for non-beginners. Please call us to book an appointment.
To cover one book, you will need to take classes during 4 standard sessions. Your level may not be available on each day.