Top French Christmas Songs for kids


Top 10 Christmas songs for kids in French 

On today’s holiday blog series, we will be sharing with you the top 10 Christmas songs for kids in French to help kids practice and learn new words in French! 

We have even included some of these Christmas tracks in our Spotify list “Noel des enfants” so that your children can sing along to these tunes. 

Here is the list of our favorite French Christmas songs: 

  • Petit Papa Noël 

This is a charming song of a child that sings to Santa Clause asking him to not forget his shoes when he passes by his house and to make sure that he covers up properly as it is cold outside.  

  • Vive le vent 

Vive le vent is the French version of Jingle bells. Contrary to the English version where you “jingle all the way”, the French song appreciates the wind and the Christmassy atmosphere. 

  •   Mon beau sapin 

The equivalence to “O Christmas tree” is an ode to the beautiful decorations that are set up in a Christmas tree. Lights, colors, gold, and glee is what makes our decorations extra special.  

  • Il est né le divin enfant 

We all know that Christmas is routed in Christian traditions, this song translates to the divine child is born and it celebrates the birth of Jesus in Christianity.  

  • Noël Blanc 

Are you dreaming of a White Christmas? So are the French with their song Noël Blanc. This is an all too familiar tune that will put you in the holiday mood. 

  • L’as tu vu? 

This is a very fun song for kids with its repetitive lyrics and tunes that make you dance. It speaks about “the little man” that brings many gifts. It is an easy song for preschoolers to learn and sing along. 

  • Douce nuit, sainte nuit 

Another classical Christmas song that is equivalent to “O Holy night”.  If you want to learn another version of this traditional song, you can always try it in French. 

  • Les anges dans nos campagnes

Another song that speaks about this religious traditions that sings about angels and the birth of Jesus Christ. 

  • La plus belle nuit du monde 

The most beautiful night of the world is Christmas night. A song that speaks about the beautifies and glories of this celebration. 

  • On se dit joyeux Noel 

If you are wondering how to say Merry Christmas, then this song tells you how with its French version of Merry Christmas. 

Curious to know the songs? Follow our Spotify playlist “Noël des enfants” and have jolly holiday! 

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