Best Ways to Learn French Online


Best ways to learn French online

Learning a new language can be both exciting and challenging. Learning a language includes numerous benefits like brain development, knowledge of new cultures, social engagement, and business opportunities. There are also several ways to learn French online quickly. Luckily, the Internet is a wealthy place for information and ideas; as French language experts, here are our suggestions on what are the best ways to learn French online:

Take an online class: whether you are just beginning to learn the language or have had French lessons for a while, there are many available online resources for people seeking to learn French. If you use Youtube, you can find many video tutorials on basic French expressions useful for intelligent conversations. If you want to take your language acquisition a step further, you can enrol in an online French course with expert FSL teachers. When deciding on a class, the most important thing is that the teachers have experience and are certified to teach French as a Second Language. 

Listen to French music: There is nothing more pleasant than learning something new through activities that you enjoy. Musical variety can make learning French really fun! Although it might take a while to understand, the constant exposure to language and words will build up your vocabulary. You can create a playlist on YouTube or even follow lists and people that already have French music playlists on your favorite music players like Spotify. 

Follow Podcasts: Podcasts have experienced a significant boom in the past years. There is virtually a podcast for every type of topic. There are many Podcasts out there where the French language is discussed. If you want to know more about grammar, phonics or go in-depth in the language, podcasts are a great way to learn French online, and you can listen to them wherever you are. 

Read online articles: Hundreds of online articles are created daily with an easy-to-understand French language structure. You can navigate through French websites and use the Google translate option on your website browser to turn on and off text translations; this is a great way to learn new words and use the language in a current context. 

Buy or borrow books from online libraries: If you live in a place where French is not the primary language spoken, you may come across a shortage of francophone books or media; this is when online stores or libraries come in handy. Whether you buy a book online or borrow a book from an online library, reading has always been a proven way to expand vocabulary and knowledge on any topic.

Stream French films with subtitles enabled: Sometimes things can get lost in translation, and some other times, translations can give you a better context of what is happening in a situation, like in films. Many French movies make more sense when they are watched in their original language versus their translated version. Watching francophone films with subtitles enabled can give you that total immersion experience and help you understand things as they happen. The bonus is that you can get to learn colloquial expressions that are not typically known in textbooks. 

These are some ways to get a head start on learning French online; however, it is always best to try to take a course or set aside time to self-study the language. If you are not sure what your French level is, you can always take a placement test and find a course that will help you move forward to a fully bilingual state.  

When it comes to knowing the best ways to learn French online, we have got you covered! And remember, it is never too late to learn French!

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