Edito B1 (Set of 2 books + digital)

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This pack includes EDITO B1 Textbook, Workbook + Interactive digital book with audios.
  • Immerse yourself in everyday French and discover Francophone realities through authentic, didactic materials.
  • Progressively reach level B1 over 12 units.
  • Enhance learning consolidation through two assessments ("the essentials") midway and at the end of each unit (linguistic + listening comprehension).
  • Optimize vocabulary retention through "vocabulary" pages: creative and playful use of recorded vocabulary lists.
  • Understand language mechanics through guided grammar learning.
  • Prepare for the DELF exam with a gradual preparation

Access to additional online resources/exercices: https://didierfle-edito2022.fr/

--> Important notice: these textbooks can only be purchased along with a course offered in AF Vancouver.
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