Romain Lalire


Romain Lalire

Visual Artist

It is always complicated to answer the question: "How do you find inspiration"? Several factors come into play, it can be an encounter, a material, a music, a new technology,... But an important source comes from movement: changing space, vibrations.

Time is the common element, the one that will bind the ensemble. To have the possibility to immerse yourself in another country, another culture and to have the time to be inspired, to create, to exchange... It is a chance as an artist to have all these parameters together and the Alliance Française  Vancouver allows me to benefit from all these precious elements.

Not only did the simple idea of coming here awaken my imagination, but once I was here, everything was put in place to allow this idea to develop, until it became a reality. The Alliance Française  Vancouver also allows me to network by organising professional meetings and interviews. This is essential in order to give my work an international dimension.

I hope to have the opportunity to come to Vancouver again with new creations and to be able to develop my project "FRAGMENTS" which has been able to exist thanks to this institution.

Discover the art of Romain Lalire in our virtual reality exhibition:  V-Unframed.

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