Long Testimonies

  • I signed up for French courses at Alliance Française in Vancouver to try to improve my rusty and inadequate schoolboy French to enable me to handle and better enjoy business trips and family holidays in France. The courses have been great: challenging but not daunting, hugely interesting, and designed to get you speaking, understanding, reading and writing good French as quickly as possible. The materials and methods used are excellent, aimed at an adult audience, and have greatly enhanced my knowledge of France and French people at the same time as rapidly improving my French language skills. I have found my teachers to be friendly, empathetic, experienced professionals and the whole Alliance Française experience has been a positive one for me - I can't recommend Alliance Française highly enough, or wait for my next trip to France to hear my French friends tell me how much my language skills have improved.
    Paul, Level B2
  • I've been taking french classes since 2009. My lessons are always dynamic and well structured. I appreciate my teacher's expertise and ability to adopt the lesson to my needs. We work in a relaxed atmosphere where I can learn at my own pace. To me, learning a new language it's not only about attending the classes and doing your homework diligently. It's a whole lot more then that. I'm excited to have access to a nice collection of french movies, books, CDs and magazines. The staff members are great and encouraging. (If you want to get a hint of an authentic french atmosphere and learn a bit more about french culture this is the right place to come).
    Romana, Level A2