Anaïs Pellin


Anaïs Pellin

Artist and founder of Kleine Compagnie

I began collaborating with the Alliance Française  Vancouver in January 2017, shortly after my arrival in Canada.

Having little contact with the cultural scene in Vancouver, the support of the Alliance Française Vancouver has been crucial to the development of my artistic career in B.C. By lending me a space to develop and present a first draft of a theatrical work, the Alliance allowed me to create a first contact with the Vancouver public and to introduce my work. Afterwards, I was able to count on the support of the Alliance for other projects and the Alliance will co-present the French version of my show "Clémentine - Une histoire (vraie)" with Carousel Theatre in the spring of 2023.

I hope that the Alliance can support other artists as it did with me so that Vancouver's francophone artists can flourish further in the province.

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