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Friday, June 26 - 06.00pm
Auditorium Georges Brassens


We are pleased to welcome you to our monthly Rendez-Vous at Alliance Francaise!

This month, meet with the amazing band "Chic Soirée", who will be performing live, while you are sipping on your glass of French wine and practicing your French with new faces. It will also be the occasion to support French team in Fifa Women's World Cup in the afternoon.

Parents will also be especially welcomed :  Free supervised activities will be open for all kids at the library! BOOKING MANDATORY!

Chic Soirée

A mix of french Jazz, Funk and R&B.

"Chic Soirée" is a band with style and sparkle that will make you sing along and get up on your feet. Jazz students from Capilano University coming together to play a big repertoire going from old jazz standards to groovy classics from the 80-90's. Chic Soirée have been playing around Vancouver for about a year at many differents events (Le Festival de l'Érable in Kelowna, Forum Français pour l'Avenir at SFU, Soirée Beaujolais,...) and is planning on playing some more this Summer in Pubs and Restaurants.

Voice - Eléa Saunier
Guitar - Yamil Chain-Haddad
Bass - Karl Wallace-Deering
Drums - Jamie Yoonji Lee
Saxophone - Angus Tang

It all comes with BONJOUR