Once upon a time tomorrow


In the series "Once upon a time tomorrow'', the artist-photographer Chris Morin-Eitner puts different megacities of the planet through strange treatments. Each time an iconic building, historical or contemporary, is put back on stage in a state of sublimated ruin, completely invaded by a friendly virgin forest, appeased animals, joyful birds, colorful flowers.

"Paris as seen by Chris Morin-Eitner lives under the vines, which cling to the feet of the Eiffel Tower and climb the Arc de Triomphe." Paul Ardenne, curator in the field of contemporary art.  

All ages
Photo Exhibition 

The artist

Chris Morin-Eitner
Chris Morin-Eitner is a French photographer of German origin, born in 1968. With  a degree in architecture and an interest in urbanism - especially when it is left to the creepers and the monkeys - he works like a "digital painter", playing with overprinting and hybridization, combining photographs that he has all captured during his many travels. As a playful reconstructor, the artist plunges us into an idyllic future, a sort of lush Garden of Eden where nature has regained its rights.



Photos by © Chris Morin-Eitner