En nos Apartés - Aside


En nos Aparté | Aside, a multi-cities dance project

La Nuit Des Idées is an annual event dedicated to the free circulation of ideas and knowledge coordinated by Institut Français. As part of this event, the Alliance Française of Calgary, Halifax, Moncton and Vancouver in Canada present [EN NOS APARTÉS / ASIDE], a multi-cities dance project built in collaboration with the French company Les Parleuses.

The Project

10,620 kilometers, 2 continents, an ocean and 5 cities. For a few weeks, 7 dancers will connect across these distances and will share with each other a series of texts, audios, pictures, collections to create a piece that will prove that bodies could be present and absent, here, there and elsewhere, isolated and connected, close and far.

[EN NOS APARTÉS / ASIDE] is a project connected to the creation T O U C H É started by Cie Les Parleuses in 2018.
This project draws inspiration from "crown shyness" - a botanical phenomenon of certain species of trees in which neither the branches nor the roots touch each other. This singularity for this kept distance has not yet been explained, is it protection, avoidance, mutual aid or communication?
T O U C H É interrogates several levels of encountering: with oneself, others and with the world.

(Full video available on demand for professionals. Contact Fanny SURZUR).

Behind the scenes

Speaker | Solène BOSSU
Dancer and Artistic Director of the project - France
Speaker | Olivia SHAFFER
Dancer - Vancouver
Modératrice | Marie VILLENEUVE
Animator of the Radio show “Phare Ouest” on Radio Canada


By Compagnie Les parleuses
Creation, choreography and production Solène Bossu
With the collaboration of Maxime Beauregard - Calgary Charlotte Bossu - Paris Roxanne Dupuis - Moncton Anaïs Grant Church - Halifax Amanda LaRusic - Halifax Olivia Shaffer - Vancouver Solène Bossu - Paris
Music composition Maximilien Becq Giraudon
Videographers Julie Frigault - Moncton Marie Gautier - Paris Yasuhiro Okada - Vancouver Julie Robert - Halifax Brandon Wilson - Calgary
Video Editing Marie Gautier

With the support of Institut Français - Ambassade de France au Canada
With local partners Made In BC - Conseil Culturel et Artistique Francophone de Colombie-Britannique, Radio Canada Colombie Britannique - ICI Colombie Britannique - Halifax Dance - Kinetic Studios - Musée canadien de l’immigration au Quai 21