Espace V Underwater


In 1874 Sigmund Freud spent two months in a frustrated attempt to locate the reproductive organs of the European eel. Simultaneously, the industrial revolution was ushering in unprecedented environmental destruction.
Freud’s influence today is pervasive, even as many of his ideas have been discredited. Likewise, industrial expansion continues, despite spiralling ecological crises. Freud’s European eels are now critically endangered.
Oceanic Feeling explores this curious historical parallel and investigates the roots of our dysfunctional relationship with the more-than-human world.

in English
All ages
New Zealand, Germany


Joey Bania is a New Zealand-born, Berlin-based director and cinematographer. His work spans installation, natural history, narrative film and documentary genres and seeks to address our collective alienation from the natural world.

Lion Bischof graduated the documentary program of the Munich Filmschool and has had his films screened at festivals such as Berlinale, Max Ophüls and Dok.fest München. He works in the space between journalism and philosophy