Literary breakfast


Literary breakfast

Whether you are an avid or occasional reader, you are welcome to join us for our unmissable literary breakfasts!

Come share your literary favorites and discover the recommendations of other readers, all while enjoying a delicious croissant and a hot drink. It's an ideal opportunity to discuss your latest reads and find new literary gems to add to your reading list. This is a friendly and enriching event that will allow you to meet other literature lovers.

Selections from our Participants at the Literary Breakfasts

A big thank you to all our participants! Discover below the books we had the pleasure of discussing during our previous gatherings. Moments of sharing and celebrating our common passion for literature over a croissant and a hot drink, we hope to see you very soon at our next editions of the literary breakfast.

Samedi 11 mai 2024 | Edition spéciale les romans graphiques

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